Jillian and Andrea’s Asheville, NC Engagement Session! {Asheville, NC Wedding Photographer}



2013-06-26_001 2013-06-26_002 2013-06-26_003 2013-06-26_004 2013-06-26_005 2013-06-26_006 2013-06-26_007 2013-06-26_008 2013-06-26_009 2013-06-26_010 2013-06-26_011 2013-06-26_012 2013-06-26_013 2013-06-26_014 2013-06-26_015 2013-06-26_016 2013-06-26_017 2013-06-26_018 2013-06-26_019 2013-06-26_020 2013-06-26_021 2013-06-26_022 2013-06-26_023 2013-06-26_024 2013-06-26_025 2013-06-26_026


Jillian and Andrea,

It was a joy to take your photo! Thank you for trusting me with your memories
and allowing me a tiny glimpse into the love you have for one another.
I am so excited for you during this time!!

with love,


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Birthday Party Photoshoot! {Asheville, NC Photographer}

Melanie is a client turned dear friend. I just adore her and any excuse to photograph her is an honor that I cherish! So, when she approached me about photographing her daughter for her birthday with her and with friends I was more than excited!


I met the girl! Avery is not only beautiful but WAY cooler than I was at her age. Already cozy in her skin and with very good reason!

The group took the trip from Decatur to Asheville for a girls weekend! They rented a hotel room, ate good food, shopped, and met up with me for some photo fun!

Mom of the year right?

We started the photo shoot with Avery by herself. What a great way to break in a new outfit!

2013-06-20_001 2013-06-20_002

Rumor is, Avery is camera shy. But, I think we may have cured her!

2013-06-20_003 2013-06-20_004 2013-06-20_005 2013-06-20_006 2013-06-20_007

Of course we had to add in Melanie for a few mom-daughter photos!



Their smiles are just a  bit too much to handle! 2013-06-20_010

Then, we brought in the girls!

2013-06-20_011 2013-06-20_012 2013-06-20_013 2013-06-20_014 2013-06-20_015 2013-06-20_016


It was such a pleasure to photograph you! You are stunning and absolutely wonderful to get to know!
I hope  you never shy away from the camera again. Your face should be remembered!

with love,


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Raleigh to Charlotte to Home! {Asheville, NC Wedding and Boudoir Photographer}

I realized recently that some of you get WAY too much of me. If you follow me on instagram, twitter, personal Facebook, and business facebook then you may know more than you’d like to about my life. Then I realized that there are so many of you that aren’t following me on those things. That may have no idea where I live, what I do besides photography and more.

So, I thought it would be nice to take one day a week when I can to just write about what’s going on in my life. Nothing dramatic. Nothing too lengthy. Just a general life update.

I’m going to start with the basics.

-I live in Asheville, NC {and I love it!}
-I live with 3 wonderful boys. {Kyle my husband and our two roommates Tyler and Eric.}
-We write a blog together called The 20 Somethings {fashion, food, drink, home, and more!}
-Kyle and I have been married for about 3.5 years.
-I’m primarily a wedding and boudoir photographer.
-I’m a serious coffee drinker. {Like, I read blogs about it.}

Now that you are abreast on the big stuff. I’ll give you a little update on where I am now.

Today, I’m physically in Raleigh, NC. I came down to photograph a beautiful newborn baby and a boudoir session! I was also able to spend some nice quality time with two of my very best friends, see two of my favorite wedding couples, and visit with a family that I adore.

I’ll be heading up to Charlotte very soon to make a little visit to Ikea for some office furniture and other office-y decor type things. Currently, my office looks as if I am squatting in it. So,it’ll be great to get things in order so I can share more of it with you lovely blog readers.

One thing that I love about my job is how much I travel for what I do. I realize there are photographers out there that have been able to not travel as much. But, I do travel really frequently. Some days I’m tired. But, for the most part, I’m honestly really happy to take a little trip out of town to do what I love. It’s also a great excuse to try new coffee shops. Offices away from the office.



with love and life,


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Lessons from My Mother! {Asheville, NC Photographer}

Hi there lovely blog readers. I am taking a relaxed day working solely on my website before shooting a park maternity session tonight! I spent most of the day in the comfort of my favorite coffee shop {hi there High Five!} Now, I’m finishing up what I can from our cozy living room with the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars playing in the background.

Learning the art of balance is something I’m continually working on. Today, I needed this. I’ve been working all day at the office lately and then coming home and working on my website at night. I woke up this morning and just thought, you have to work today, but, it doesn’t have to look like you think. Do something different. Change your pace, and make it more fun!

It reminded me of when I was a little girl and my mom would have us all clean the house.

I can only remember a handful of times when she just asked us to directly clean something. Typically, she would make a game out of it.

We’d play house cleaning rummy.

My mom, my brothers, and I would play a game of rummy.
Then whoever didn’t win would pick one tiny chore off of a big list of things that needed to be done. {The winner got to sit out.}
Eventually, all of those tiny chores would add up to the entire house being cleaned.

Everyday, If we could only show ourselves the same grace that I was shown by my mother.

Time to do tasks slowly.
Freedom to make them more fun.
Understanding if they can’t be finished on time.


with love and grace,



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Cozy in Floral: A Lipstick and Lace Session! {Asheville, NC Boudoir Photographer}

2013-06-20_017 2013-06-20_018 2013-06-20_019 2013-06-20_020 2013-06-20_021 2013-06-20_022 2013-06-20_023 2013-06-20_024


with love and lace,


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Ask Sarajane: Cleaning your iMac Keyboard! {Asheville, NC Photographer}

Well, let’s be honest. Sometimes our keyboards get dirty. Ok, filthy. I probably touch my iMac keyboard more than just about anything else every day.

So, I went in search of an easy and safe way to clean it. So many posts talked about putting it in the dishwasher…

That’s not gonna happen.

This is what I settled with and it works great! The best news is that it’s something I can easily do on a regular basis!



with love and a clean keyboard,


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Wedding Tip Tuesday: My Ten Favorite Bouquet Ideas! {Asheville, NC Wedding Photographer}

I LOVE photographing all the little details on a wedding day. Not just because they’re pretty. But, also because I love the idea that your grand children will know what your bouquet looked like, what you were like when you got married, and they can feel like they were there.

One of my favorite details to photograph in particular is the bouquet. So much work goes into something that is in just about every single picture that the bride is in. They add an amazing element to portraits and are just one more way to embrace your personalities on the wedding day.

I’ve collected my ten favorite types of bouquets for you here. Check it out!

1. The Peony Bouquet! 


2. The Paper Flower Bouquet


3. Any Bouquet including Eucalyptus! 


4. The Lavender Bouquet


5. The Keepsake Bouquet! 


6. The Wildflower Bouquet. 


7. The succulent bouquet. 


8. The single flower bouquet! {my absolute favorite!}


9. The cotton bouquet.


10. The baby’s breathe bouquet! 



with love and happy planning,


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Why are Photographers So Expensive? {Asheville, NC Photographer}

Why are photographers so expensive? Who do they think they are?

These are conversations that I hear all the time when someone doesn’t know what I do for a living. Even when I first started out and charged significantly less than I do now, I would have people complain to me about the over-priced photographers out there.

While I am completely sympathetic to not being able to afford great photography. I also thought it would be nice for me to write a little something to help clear up why we have to charge so much.

It’s math.

Which, I will admit is not my strong suit. I did get a degree in photography and writing after all.

But, it’s simple really.

Let me break it down for you…

De Jesus-17

In a typical business, less than 1/3 of total income is left for the business owner to use to cover their living expenses

{ 1/3 goes to business expenses, 1/3 goes to taxes, and the other 1/3 is their salary.}

So, if you’re paying $250 for a portrait session, that photographer is actually making about $83.00.

That still may seem like a lot to you still. However, each session is not just the 2 hours you may be working directly with them. It’s hours spent at their computer doing back work: answering emails, phone calls, building websites, running errands, advertising, blogging, editing, and much more.

You’d be pretty disheartened if you worked a 40-hour work week and only came home with $83.

Here’s a make-believe cost of doing business outline for you to check out. {These aren’t my actual numbers, however, they are realistic to someone shooting 20 weddings a year.}


What does that mean?

That means they have to charge $1,431 to each client just to break even! If they charge you less than that…

They’re losing money.

This doesn’t even go into the cost of travel, meals, coffee, products, licenses, and insurance!

Then, don’t forget taxes which is a third of your income. So, about $10,000.

In order for them to make a salary of $30,000/year they have to charge $3,431 without offering any products at all!! Just for their services and a CD of files.

If you’re a portrait photographer your CODB may look like this.
{This is set up for someone shooting 1 session a week or 50 sessions a year.}


What does this mean?

They have to charge $531.00 just to break even!

In order to make a salary of $30,000 a year they must profit $1,331 per session!

I realize these numbers seem insane. A lot of times we’re able to book more than the amount of clients I’m mentioning here therefore lowering our cost. However, it’s also adding to the amount of work that you are doing. So, you may be able to lower your cost, but, you’re in turn getting paid less to do more work.

My intentions for writing this post are not to make you feel bad if you can’t afford great photography.
It’s for these simple reasons:
1. To show clients that we’re not trying to swindle you.
2. To show photographer’s how important it is to do a Cost of Doing Business for yourself.
3. To show people interested in starting a photography business that you have to keep in mind these things before you go full-time!

I hope that this has been helpful and informative!

If you read this far down, well, you’re amazing!

with love and math,


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Allie and Max’s Beautiful Backyard Wedding! {Asheville, NC Wedding Photographer}

2013-06-13_001 2013-06-13_002 2013-06-13_003 2013-06-13_004 2013-06-13_005 2013-06-13_006 2013-06-13_007 2013-06-13_008 2013-06-13_009 2013-06-13_010 2013-06-13_011 2013-06-13_012 2013-06-13_013 2013-06-13_014 2013-06-13_015 2013-06-13_016 2013-06-13_017 2013-06-13_018 2013-06-13_019 2013-06-13_020 2013-06-13_021 2013-06-13_022 2013-06-13_023 2013-06-13_024 2013-06-13_025 2013-06-13_026 2013-06-13_027 2013-06-13_028 2013-06-13_029 2013-06-13_030 2013-06-13_031 2013-06-13_032 2013-06-13_033 2013-06-13_034 2013-06-13_035 2013-06-13_036 2013-06-13_037 2013-06-13_038 2013-06-13_039 2013-06-13_040 2013-06-13_041 2013-06-13_042 2013-06-13_043 2013-06-13_044 2013-06-13_045 2013-06-13_046 2013-06-13_047 2013-06-13_048 2013-06-13_049 2013-06-13_050 2013-06-13_051 2013-06-13_052 2013-06-13_053 2013-06-13_054 2013-06-13_055 2013-06-13_056

Allie and Max,

What can I say? You two are just perfection. The way you love each other is so full and honest.
I love Allie, that you have no clue how incredibly beautiful and talented you are.
Max, you have one of the most infectious and genuine personalities.
The two of you together is probably more than the world can handle.
I cherish the fact that I was able to be there during such a beautiful day.

Thank you for thinking of me, for trusting me with your memories, and for being just so darn nice.

with love,


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Leap after Leap in the Dark! {Asheville, NC Photographer}

 “Living is a form of not being sure, not knowing what next or how. The moment you know how, you begin to die a little.
The artist  never entirely knows. We guess. We may be wrong, but we take leap after leap in the dark.”

-Agnes De Mille


with love,


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