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Wedding Tip Tuesday: Garden Wedding Inspiration! {Asheville, NC Wedding Photographer}

This weekend I was IN a wedding! That’s right. I didn’t photograph a wedding I was just plain ‘ole in it. I LOVED every single minute of it. I loved seeing so many people that mean so much to me. I loved helping pull the last minute details together, giving that sweet bride a hug right before she walked down the aisle, and dancing the night away!

Another thing that I loved were all of the amazing details that Kate and John put into their big day. Everything represented them perfectly. The thing that I was most impressed with was that Kate grew pots upon pots of fresh herbs from seeds to be her centerpieces and guest favors! They were beautiful and so incredibly thoughtful.

Today, I decided to share a wedding inspiration board very much inspired by Kate and John’s farm wedding. While this board is very different from their day, it is definitely a spin off!

Check out this Garden Wedding Inspiration Board!



with love and happy planning,


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Wedding Tip Tuesday: My Ten Favorite Bouquet Ideas! {Asheville, NC Wedding Photographer}

I LOVE photographing all the little details on a wedding day. Not just because they’re pretty. But, also because I love the idea that your grand children will know what your bouquet looked like, what you were like when you got married, and they can feel like they were there.

One of my favorite details to photograph in particular is the bouquet. So much work goes into something that is in just about every single picture that the bride is in. They add an amazing element to portraits and are just one more way to embrace your personalities on the wedding day.

I’ve collected my ten favorite types of bouquets for you here. Check it out!

1. The Peony Bouquet!

2. The Paper Flower Bouquet

3. Any Bouquet including Eucalyptus!

4. The Lavender Bouquet

5. The Keepsake Bouquet!

6. The Wildflower Bouquet.

7. The succulent bouquet.

8. The single flower bouquet! {my absolute favorite!}

9. The cotton bouquet.

10. The baby’s breathe bouquet!


with love and happy planning,


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Wedding Tip Tuesday: Honeymoon Tips from a Newlywed {Guest Blogger: Emily DeJesus}

Today’s guest blogger is one of my lovely lovely brides from 2012! Her name is Emily and she is so beautiful and cool that you should kick yourself for not knowing her! Her and her incredible husband, Sergio, have won my heart forever. 


Sergio and I got married this past April. We had a fabulous wedding (photographed by the lovely and talented Sarajane Case) that I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. As much as I enjoyed the day- the months leading up to that fabulous day could be at times stressful. Decisions to make, meetings to schedule, and the ever-looming checklist to accomplish. So, instead of advice about the actual wedding day or planning that comes with it, I’m going to give some tips about the fun that comes after the wedding- Your Honeymoon! Sergio and I took a trip to the Dominican Republic. Some of my recommendations may be specific to the DR, but hopefully most of it will translate to your destination of choice.


Take One

Even if it’s a weekend get-a-way or a short drive from home. This is your honeymoon; a (hopefully) once in a life time opportunity! It will most certainly be a memorable event- one that you’re likely to regret skipping out on for practicality. Have you ever spoke to someone who wished they hadn’t honeymooned? Plan in advance, set a travel budget, and get that trip booked!


Schedule Yourself a Day In-between

Sergio and I got married on a Saturday, so we booked our flight out for the following Monday morning. I definitely needed that time in between to get ready for our honeymoon. We had stayed at a hotel near our reception site the night of our wedding, so it was nice in the morning to sleep-in a bit, have a glass of champagne with out of town friends, look at a few wedding photos, and eat left-over wedding cake. I had packed an overnight bag to take to the wedding night hotel. When I got back to our house I needed to repack items into an airport carry-on and print out flight itineraries. We also had the chance to open wedding gifts. Who doesn’t love opening presents!

Share Your Good News

When you are checking in at the airline or at your hotel make sure to mention that your are on your honeymoon and they might upgrade your flight or hotel room. Maybe it seems cliché, but sometimes it works! Sergio and I got moved up to first class during our flight back home and it was certainly a highlight for me. “Why yes, I would like a warm towel and complimentary drink.”

Try Not to Overpack

You’re newly married and carefree, you won’t want to be dragging heavy bags through an airport terminal. You really don’t need a different pair of shoes for every outfit you pack. At the airport in the DR we got off the plane on the tarmac and then took a long/hot walk to the open-air terminal (read, no air conditioning). Also, you’ll likely end up doing some shopping while you’re there and you’ll want to have plenty of room to bring your new items home.

Hello Tropical Paradise

Picture3 Open-Air Airport

Get Un-connected

Avoid to temptation to obsessively check the internet for wedding pictures posted, call friends/family on the phone, or post status updates of your daily events. This may be easier if wherever you happen to stay doesn’t have internet access available. The resort we stayed at had computers in the lobby you could rent out for 15 minute time slots. While I do admit I checked my email a couple times while away, I would recommend avoiding it if at all possible. Enjoy the vacation while you’re on it- you’ll have plenty of time when you get home to get your fix.

Go on an Adventure

This specifically applies to honeymooners who are choosing an all-inclusive resort. I highly recommend going on a tour, walking to a market, or taking some time to get off the resort. Sergio and I got a cab to drive us from our resort to a local market in Punta Cana. We enjoyed experiencing the city, doing some walking around town, and buying some small souvenirs that were more authentic and less expensive than the ones available on the resort. We also did a day trip of Snuba (kind of like traditional scuba diving, but with your air tanks on the water’s surface), driving speed boats, and snorkeling. It was amazingly fun and more exciting than what we could experience on the resort.



Try Something Local

We loved trying/drinking Mama Juana, a drink from the DR. It’s a mixture of rum, red wine, and honey that marinates in a bottle with tree bark from the island and local herbs. Mama Juana is rumored to have medicinal effects as well as to be a strong aphrodisiac- Honeymoon Bonus!

Take Some Time to for Romance and Relaxation

This is your honeymoon after all. You’re celebrating the amazing life change you just made. You are now married to the man or woman of your dreams. Enjoy it and enjoy each other’s company without the daily distractions of your home life. Stay up late (wink) and sleep-in late, lay on the beach or in the park together, enjoy a leisurely multi-course meal, and soak up the experience.


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Wedding Tip Tuesday: The Best Wedding Day Gift a Bride Could Ask For! {Asheville, NC Wedding Photographer}


Ok, my wedding was a million years ago it seems. There are memories that I’ll never get back and there are moments that I’ll never forget.

I’ll never forget how it felt walking down the aisle with my brothers on either side of me. They have meant the world to me since I was a little girl. I couldn’t of imagined a better pair to walk with me into a future with Kyle.

I’ll never forget Kyle’s granny talking to us over the baby monitor right before we left because she was too sick to be out there with us. I’ll also never forget that she said, “Don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do…”

I’ll never forget the calm of the day, how everyone went above and beyond to make me feel beautiful, peaceful, and loved.

I’ll never forget how it felt to stand up there surrounded by so many beautiful, loving, dear friends and family that had been such a huge part of who we were then and who we are now.

I’ll never forget completely losing it when I saw Kyle for the first time. Walking to him listening to November Blues and remembering all of the many 6 hour drives we took to see each other.

I’ll never forget seeing my granny and papaw and realizing how much I love them and how I want nothing more than a marriage like that.

I’ll never forget my mother, radiant as always, and forever the one who will bend over backwards for you and never make you feel like it was an inconvenience to her.

But, there’s one large thing that I’ll never remember.

I’ll never remember any of the stress.

I’ll never remember any hiccups on the day of.

I’ll never remember that my grandparents were almost 40 minutes late {because we got married in the middle of nowhere, NC}

I’ll never remember any of that.

Because, I never knew any of that.

I had a beautiful and amazing coordinator on the day of the wedding!

The lovely Abby Wilkinson signed on for the job THE NIGHT BEFORE!

and she KILLED it!

She instructed everyone to go to her if there was a problem and not to ever let me know of it at all.

She took care of everything and allowed me to have the most restful wedding day ever in the history of weddings.

If there was only one thing I could of had for my wedding it would have been Abby!

So, my tip is to find your own Abby. Whoever your coordinator is, these are the qualities I recommend they have…


1. Cheerful!

Abby is incredibly upbeat. She’s fun to be around and was such a wonderful part of the day for me! I’ve worked with wedding coordinators that are NOT cheerful. Instead of bringing happiness to the day they are bringing added stress. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have someone there that brings goodness.

2. Calm!

Abby did not get overwhelmed. Even when handed the job the night before. She didn’t get frazzled, and if she did, I never saw it. She brought a peaceful presence along with her that was incredible!

3. On top of Things!

Abby was on top of it! The moment she agreed to do it, she stepped up and took control. Everyone trusted her because she was confident and knew what we needed. She wrangled and managed without anyone feeling pulled around.

4. Outgoing!

Abby is one of those people that could make 50 new friends in a span of 5 minutes. She’s charming and likable. This was great because she was able to meet everyone in the wedding and direct them without anyone feeling bossed around.

5. A fabulous dresser.

This isn’t really a requirement, I just wanted to talk about how well Abby dresses. ; )


So, I hope I’ve convinced you to find yourself an Abby! I know that I wouldn’t of traded her for the world!

***Abby also writes a blog! Check it out here!***

with love and a stress-free wedding day,



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Make-up for a Photo Shoot! {Asheville, NC Boudoir Photograpehr}

Hello there! I know this is a little late in the day for me, but, I wanted to pop over and share with you the post I wrote for today! I’m talking all about my basic foundation and contouring methods! This is great if you are planning on having a photoshoot with me in the future! The video demonstrates techniques that will make your face look slimmer, your nose thinner, you lips plumper, and remove those dark circles beneath your eyes!

You can watch the video here:

<iframe src=”; width=”500″ height=”281″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen>

Basic Foundation and Contouring Routine! from the20somethings on Vimeo.

or, check out the full post over at today!

with love,


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Wedding Tip Tuesday: Jet-Setters Wedding Theme Wardrobe! {Asheville, NC Wedding Photographer}

Being a wedding photographer in Asheville definitely puts me in contact with couples that like to travel. I don’t know if there’s a vortex here that pulls in people that are just curious about the rest of the world. But, it’s not hard to find people that spend their free time visiting other countries and cultures. That’s why this jet-setter theme is so fitting for my couples. The majority of you guys love to travel!

Today is one of my favorite days to blog because I get to pick out the clothes for our hypothetical wedding. 🙂 For those that don’t remember the theme here it is for ya:


Ok, so, we’ll start with the groomsmen and the groom! I picked out a suit from Express for Men. This allows them to keep it after the wedding day and it costs  relatively the same amount! I chose the light grey color to go along with our color scheme and added the blue tie for a pop of color! Also notice I chose a 3 piece suit with a vest. This is a nice thing to do for your guys because it allows them to take off the hot jacket, roll up their sleeves, and still look hot enough to hit on your girl friends {not your groom,the groomsmen of course}! I didn’t choose separate things for the groom and the groomsmen. I would probably switch out the grooms tie to make it different. But, leave the suit the same!


Next for the bridesmaids! I wanted to pick something understated and simple. Something they could wear again and also feel naturally beautiful in. I ended up choosing this cream and taupe dress from Asos paired with this lace taupe headband I found on etsy!



Now, for the bride! I chose this simple dress with POCKETS from JCrew! I just think that girl who likes adventures, probably needs pockets! Since it was so simple and this girl is NOT boring! I added a giant bowed sash for the back of the dress and a gorgeous birdcage veil I found on etsy!

with love and the wedding wardrobe,



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Wedding Tip Tuesday: Jet-Setter Wedding Theme! {Asheville, NC Wedding Photographer}

Today is my first day back in the office since our trip to Panama! I’m so excited to share more about our trip with  you later this week. But, while we were gone, I hope that you enjoyed the incredible round-up of guest bloggers I had. The ladies that helped me out were just so great! They’re all incredible women with a lot to offer us! Thanks again ladies for being  a part!!

While I was away I had a lot of time to think about the business and things I want to do more often/not do at all. One of the things I wanted to get back to was doing the wedding themes associated with DIY projects! Since I made that decision on an airplane the first thought I had was a jet-setter themed wedding! Maps, globes, soft colors, and a vintage vibe! Below is the inspiration board that I’ll be pulling all of my projects from for the next few weeks!!! I can’t wait to share!!


Check back in the coming weeks for DIY projects related to this theme!!

with love and jet-setting,


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Guest Blogger: Heather Atkinson on Letting Your Personalities Show in Your Wedding! {Asheville, NC Wedding Photographer}

**Heather is one of my lovely 2012 brides! Her and Nick her new husband had one of the most unique and personalized weddings I’ve ever photographed! That’s why I had to ask her to share with you on Wedding Tip Tuesday!! Thanks so much Heather for sharing your awesomeness with the blogosphere!**

My favorite weddings are the ones where you get a feel of the personalities of the bride and groom. With all wedding hype it can sometimes be hard to stay true to yourselves when planning the big day.  Every bride has a vision of what they want their special day to be, but don’t be afraid to incorporate things that really show who you are. Whether it’s your hobbies, interests, sentimental objects, or anything that really expresses your relationship.

Speaking from experience, I know how hard it can to make the decision to include such things in your wedding. I was a very hesitant and unsure of my “vision” until about 8 months before the date we had chosen. I had started off with an entirely different idea, and ultimately scrapped it when it felt too generic. Once things felt generic for me I knew I had to really rethink our plans, because we were just too quirky for that.

Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with generic or traditional. Your big day should be all about you and celebrating your love exactly how you want it! Every couple should do what makes them feel most comfortable and happy. However, don’t let being traditional discourage you from including little pieces of yourselves in the wedding. These things can range from just a groom’s cake, adding something to the centerpieces, dedicating a section for your “you stuff”, or even having a full fledge wedding theme based on your personalities.

The only other thing to consider when adding these personal touches is your partner. More times than not, bride’s get caught up in their vision and forget about the groom! Unless you’ve got an extremely vocal groom like mine… (He made sure he got to help pick out colors, centerpieces, décor, etc.) Not all grooms are like that though, and although it may be the bride’s big day it is the groom’s as well. Even if your groom prefers you take the wheel on the wedding, it is always so sweet when the bride surprises the groom with including his interests as well!

We, personally, chose to go all out with adding our quirkiness and it is one of the best decisions we could have made regarding our wedding. We chose to incorporate our love for LEGO and Star Wars in what would otherwise be a “laid back” rustic theme.  We even wore Chuck Taylors, because I’m simply not a high heel kind of gal. Our day stayed true to who we were completely, and I can’t imagine it being any other way.

Surrounding yourselves with things that reflect your personalities can really make your wedding day more fun, unique, and most importantly special to you. No matter how goofy or traditional your interests may be, adding those touches to your big day can really make it more memorable for you and your guests as well.  I can’t express enough how personal it truly makes your wedding day.



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Save-the-Date Ideas! {Asheville, NC Wedding Photographer}

One of the things I came up with after my last post, was a post specifically showing you all creative ways to use your engagement pictures in the save-the-dates. I pulled a few of my favorite engagement photos and a few of my favorite save-the-dates  Wedding Paper Diva’s has to offer to demonstrate easy ways you can do the same! Check it out!

Also, brides, if you order your Wedding Paper Diva products through me, I can offer you a sweet discount!!

1. Chic Calendar: Eggshell

This can be ordered as a flat card or as a magnet!

2. Chalk Frame Charm: Black

3. Splendid Frame: Mustard

4. Mailed Montage: Eggshell

Obviously, you can use 3 different photos for these. Also, this is a magnet.

5. Perfect Pictogram

6. Postal Perfection: Persimmon

7. Charming Lens Flare: Cream

8. Postage Tag

9. Banded Floral: Mustard

with love and dates to save,



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My Top 10 Favorite Save-the-Dates! {Asheville, NC Wedding Photographer}

Save-the-dates are a nice way to let people know their invitation is coming. A lot of times your friends and/or family will want a basic idea of the date, but, you may not be prepared to send out ALL of the formal invitations with response cards. Not to mention, you’re able to give them the date much earlier. If you send the invitations too early, it’s much less likely that their RSVP will be accurate. Another fun piece of the save-the-date’s role is to go ahead and establish the ‘feel’ of your wedding day! That’s why I advocate going all out on them. Give your guests something to be excited about!

So, these are my top ten save-the-dates that I’ve seen so far!

1. This magnet from wedding paper divas is so quirky and fun! You can see even more of their work here!

2. This postcard from minted is a great way to use your engagement photos and create the expectation that your guests will drink and dance!!

3. Have any old floppy discs lying around? Or maybe you could find some at a thrift store?

4. This couple chose to do coasters for their save-the-dates! I love that!

5. MelangerieNYC created this trendy save-the-date complete with a pencil for ‘penciling you in.’ So catchy!

6. Personalized Save-the-Date notepads are so much fun! Stick them in square boxes and create buzz way before the wedding day arrives!

7. Use matchboxes for your save-the-dates!

8. Print your information on a balloon that your guests can blow up? ok!

9. This is potentially my favorite of them all! I love the idea of your wedding date being a bookmark for them to be aware of all the time. It’s also like your giving them all a tiny gift!

10. Did you know that it’s super easy to order stickers? You can order stickers with any info you want on them from places like Use those for your save-the-dates and your guests can just move the sticker over to their calendar!

with love and dates to save,


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