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Lipstick and Lace: Pretty in Plaid! {Asheville, NC Boudoir Photographer}

2013-07-10_007 2013-07-10_008 2013-07-10_009 2013-07-10_010 2013-07-10_011 2013-07-10_012


with love and lace,



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Lipstick and Lace: Tree Swinging! {Raleigh, NC Boudoir Photographer}



Customizing these sessions to the individual has opened me up to seeing what is absolutely perfect about each woman! I love that this lovely lady and my best friend is so brave and SO MUCH FUN! I can’t wait to share more from her boudoir session later this week!
2013-07-10_001 2013-07-10_002 2013-07-10_003 2013-07-10_004 2013-07-10_005 2013-07-10_006

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Boudoir Photography Groupon! {Asheville, NC Boudoir Photographer}

Did you know that Sarajane Case Photography has a groupon deal right now?! You can get what is regularly a $300 service for $99! Wanna check it out, click the link below!

I’m only selling 10! Give it a look over and share with your friends if ya wanna!

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 1.57.34 PM




with love,


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Clean out a corner… {Asheville, NC Boudoir Photographer}

“Clean out a corner of your mind, and creativity will instantly fill it.”

-Dee Hock


with love,


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Success, Failure, and that Ugly Comparison Demon! {Asheville, NC Boudoir Photographer.}

Sometimes, I see images of women that are SO beautiful. Beautiful enough to leave me feeling like anyone who ever looked at my face full of freckles couldn’t possibly see anything that would interest them. Or I see a girl wearing high waisted pants and looking GOOD in them! The looming doubt that comes with that can last for hours. The game of comparisons is a game that I’ve played very well.

Perusing the art of a photographer that I admire and in turn feeling like everything I’ve ever created might as well be covered in mud because that’s all I see when I look at it.

However silly those examples may seem to you, we all have our things.

Maybe there’s someone at work who just keeps doing so well that you don’t feel like you can keep up. Perhaps you’re shy and you know someone who can make new friends like it’s as easy as breathing.

Whatever our particular comparison demon may be, here’s the good news…

There’s plenty to go around! 

Plenty of everything. Someone else’s success does not equate our own failure. It doesn’t have to.

But, it can.

If I look at Jane Smith and think to myself, “There is no way I will ever be as good of a frisbee thrower as her. Well, then I never will be.

But, if I look at ‘ole JS and say, “How do you throw your frisbee like that?” Well, that’s an entirely different outcome now isn’t it?

The same goes for beauty which we can not change necessarily. But, I can’t think of a time where I’ve thought wow, that person is beautiful, but, that person is SO MUCH MORE beautiful.

Why is that?

Because there’s beauty that can be found in every single shape and form. Perhaps for Jane Smith it’s her bright eyes and shiny hair. But, for you it might be your lips and the way you hold yourself.

The thing that I hope we can all take away from this is the mere principal that we’re much better off celebrating the success of everyone instead of being threatened by it. There’s just so much to go around!



with love,



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My Week and the Importance of Believing! {Asheville, NC Boudoir Photographer}

Every morning I do my best to write three pages of free-thought. I learned this discipline from The Artist’s Way. It’s helped me to unclog creatively and in many other areas of my life. Earlier this week as I was writing my morning pages I ended with this sentence:

“I believe self-awareness is the key to good decisions. Self-ignorance is the gateway to poor ones.”

I think that can basically sum up my life. I’ve spent so much time working on being just right. But, the harder I strive for perfection the more likely I am to fail.

But, the moment that I take a look and ask myself what are you doing well?

Then, congratulating myself on that and moving on from there to what I can improve on.

Well, that’s where the real goodness lies.

That’s where I am able to take leaps and bounds.

Because not only am I aware of my shortcomings and the areas in which I need to improve.



I’m also aware of the areas in which I thrive. I’m able to take those leaps and bounds because I believe in myself.

Because, just like that tiny train, I think I can.

I think I can.

No matter what anyone else sees or believes. I have to first believe in myself.

That’s something I’ve lost sight of this week.

Believing in myself. Knowing that what I do makes a difference and has a purpose.

Knowing that no one else can do what I do or be who I am.

That I have an obligation to offer my whole self to the world and to do everything I can to be more.

Today, if no other day exists. At least I know I will have taken an assessment and patted myself on the back. Because I can’t wait on someone else to do that for me.

Jo (1 of 1)


with love,


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Birthday Party Photoshoot! {Asheville, NC Photographer}

Melanie is a client turned dear friend. I just adore her and any excuse to photograph her is an honor that I cherish! So, when she approached me about photographing her daughter for her birthday with her and with friends I was more than excited!


I met the girl! Avery is not only beautiful but WAY cooler than I was at her age. Already cozy in her skin and with very good reason!

The group took the trip from Decatur to Asheville for a girls weekend! They rented a hotel room, ate good food, shopped, and met up with me for some photo fun!

Mom of the year right?

We started the photo shoot with Avery by herself. What a great way to break in a new outfit!

2013-06-20_001 2013-06-20_002

Rumor is, Avery is camera shy. But, I think we may have cured her!

2013-06-20_003 2013-06-20_004 2013-06-20_005 2013-06-20_006 2013-06-20_007

Of course we had to add in Melanie for a few mom-daughter photos!



Their smiles are just a  bit too much to handle! 2013-06-20_010

Then, we brought in the girls!

2013-06-20_011 2013-06-20_012 2013-06-20_013 2013-06-20_014 2013-06-20_015 2013-06-20_016


It was such a pleasure to photograph you! You are stunning and absolutely wonderful to get to know!
I hope  you never shy away from the camera again. Your face should be remembered!

with love,


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