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Summer Styles! {Fashion Friday!}

With memorial day coming up, it’s got me to thinking about SUMMER! For me, the highlight of summer is the clothes. I get to wear dresses, sandals, floppy hats, and sunglasses. This summer I’m particularly excited about a few particular fashion-y things! Of course, I’m going to share them with you.

1. These braided sandals from Target.

They come in so many colors, they’re ridiculously comfortable, and they go with my entire wardrobe.

2. Top Knots. : )

3. My blue and white striped wrap dress from Banana.

This thing is so comfy, but, I always feel classy in it. Not to mention it goes well with sandals and heels!

4. Blazers. : )

I’m just like, really into blazers right now, so…

5. This Dress!

I got this dress yesterday from Old Navy. I’m obsessed with the fact that it has pockets. Also, it’s literally my FIRST ever article of orange clothing!!!

6. This beautiful skirt from Gap!

I also got this skirt yesterday! I’m OBSESSED with it! I may be living in it this summer, so don’t judge me if you see me wearing this everyday. Seriously, everyday.

{picture from style}

with love and summer fashion,


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Looks I Love for Fall! {Fashion Friday!}

Fall is in the air. I got a whisper of it the other day. The temperature dropped, the air smelled sweet, and everyone had a little extra pep in their step. I can’t wait for the leaves to change and for sweet strolls in the afternoon. Not to mention the return of sweaters and scarves! This fall I’m all about the contrast! Girly with tough, florals with denim, lace with leather, and boots with skirts. So, for now, here are my top looks for Fall 2011.

I’m more than excited to tell you NOT to put away your maxi dressses this fall! Just follow the example of Papercrown {Lauren Conrad’s line} and pair it with a cardigan, blazer, or even a bomber jacket!

Someone please pair this maxi skirt from Anthropologie with this Denim vest from JCrew! Thanks!

I’m loving all things leather and lace. Especially this lace jacket from Anthropologie paired with these leather boots from Nine West!

I know I mentioned pairing tough with feminine. But, that shouldn’t stop us from pairing denim with leather! Try a denim button up like this one form JCrew with this leather bag from H&M with a more feminine bottom.

Mustard yellow is slowly taking over my wardrobe for the season. I’m obsessed with this flared crepe dress from H&M as well as the Ascot Swing Coat from Anthropologie.

Another look that I’m feeling are shorts paired with leggings. I grabbed this image from the Gap Fall 2011 LookBook. I think these would be great paired with the oxfords from Banana Republic.

Another fun contrast this season will be the mix of flowy and structured looks. Try this poncho top from forever 21 with a jegging or another more structured bottom.

Also, cardigans are back in a huge way. Literally, HUGE. It’s all about the oversized cardigans this fall! I’m loving this short sleeve one from Banana Republic.

Last but not least, I am OBSESSED with the feminine structured dresses this season! No one is doing that better than the Mad Men Collection by Banana Republic.

My favorite piece from Fall 2011 is this Mad Men inspired lace dress from BR. I just LOVE it!

with love and whispers of fall,



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A Designer Spotlight on Allison Adam’s of Simply Darlin’! {Fashion Friday}

Allison and I grew up going to church together. We were great friends in middle and high school and me and Kyle were lucky enough to meet up with her on our way down to Miami a few weeks ago. Allison has always been wonderfully crafty, but, her new line of jewelry is a step above that. It’s so pretty and well made! I want you to check her out on her etsy page here or her facebook page. She’s pretty fresh into doing this as a business and has a ton of talent. So, I wanted to give her a shout out and I hope that you all do the same. Here are my favorite pieces of hers, check her out and let her know what yours are!

I asked Allison why she does what she does:

“I love creating jewelry because it is a way of expressing a person’s unique beauty. It is so exciting to see someone’s personality reflected in a piece of jewelry whether it’s artsy, classic, simple, or spunky.”

with love and simply darlin’,


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Imogene + Willy! {Designer Spotlight!}

I’m very excited to introduce you to a new category on this little blog of mine! Every few Fridays or so I’m hoping to do a Designer Spotlight for you! I want to introduce you to some awesome designers that you may not have heard of or maybe you’ve heard of but I can show you some fun things that I’ve seen recently. So… If you like it let me know. If you hate it, pretend like you like it. ha.

Also, if you know any designers that should be featured, shoot me an e-mail or a facebook message if you’re feeling sassy.

I found these people through my lovely friend Kate Walker! We walked by their shop while visiting her in Nashville and she told us about them and then generously shared the link with me. I’m happy to pass it along!

Meet Imogene and Willy! They named the shop in honor of all of their grandparents and run the store in an old 50’s style building.

This is a look into their shop…


They hand make every piece of clothing to fit you personally! I love what I’ve seen of their jeans and especially love their care page on the website! They suggest different methods for washing your jeans, including in a river or wearing them in the bathtub.

I hope you take some time to peruse their goods! Boys and girls. I sure did.

with love and sweet hand tailored jeans,


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A few lovely things! {Fashion Friday}

It’s been a while since I’ve done a fashion friday post. So, here are some of the loveliest things I could find. Living out of a backpack isn’t exactly the place for storing the most beautiful of things, so I’m feeling a little nostalgic. I had a really good time pretending to shop for these!


with love and lovely things,


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All the pretty things! Top 20 of 2010!

One of my lovely brides this year looked at me while I was painting her nails before the ceremony ( yes, I’ve been known to do a brides make-up and tie the guys ties and so on…) and said, ” you love being a wedding photographer because of all the girly stuff don’t you.” Well, there are million reasons why I love being a wedding photographer, but, the girly stuff is definitely a major quality on that list! I mean I get to be surrounded by beautiful dresses, shoes, make-up, shiny rings, and beautiful colors all the time! I am not complainin’ that’s for sure! I love all the pretty things! So, here is a tribute to my top 20 ‘pretty thing’ shots of 2010! enjoy my loves!


We’ll start with the rings! I just love how much attention guys put into picking the ring out. Even the guys who know what the girl wants, there is so much more to picking out a ring than that. I know when Kyle picked out mine he had to make sure of all kinds of other things, he made sure it was cruelty-free, made sure it had good clarity, the right setting, and the right carat size for what I wanted. I just love the idea of the guy taking so much time to get everything just right. so sweet. I firmly believe that the rings deserve a lot of photographic attention!

Next, the  shoes! You know I like to talk about the shoes. Well, I mean the fact is, they’re beautiful. so…

Now, the dresses. These are the main event! Girls spend so much time and thought into picking the perfect wedding dress. I love when a girl is excited about her dress! I had a bride who used to carry a picture around in her wallet! That’s what I’m talking about!!! It’s more than an article of clothing people, it’s THE article of clothing ; )

with love and all the pretty things,



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Fashion Friday! (Laptop Bags)

I’ve been looking and looking for a great laptop case. I want one that can safely carry my laptop, cord, and wireless mouse as well as everything else that would normally go in my purse. A.K.A three to four books, a wallet, cell phone, chap stick, and lots of pens. All for less than $50. That’s not too much to ask right? Here are a few that I found while perusing the online world of laptop cases. It’s a magical world indeed.

I liked this one from Mareri on Etsy. It’s only $40.00 and I love the bird, but, it only has room for the laptop.

This bag is from Kinies, my favorite etsy store for bags. It’s only $45.00 and has lots of awesome pockets for gadgets and things. The only down side is that it doesn’t have a sleeve for the laptop built into the purse. I could however get this….

absolutely amazing laptop sleeve to go with it!  I am head over heels in love with this sleeve, it has my name written ALL over it! If only it was a bag instead!

This bag from Kinies is $42.00 and is my favorite of the options. It has a vertical laptop sleeve sewn in and is still has room for everything else that I need it for. It’s perfect!

one day…

with love and pockets,


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Fashion Friday! (curl your hair with a straight iron)

Recently, I was in a lovely couples wedding (ahem Leanna and Chad Grindstaff). We got our hair done for the ceremony and the girl who did it curled our hair with a straightening iron. I was pretty skeptical, but, it took her like 7 minutes on each of us and the curls were awesome! They also lasted the entire day and even were there the next morning when we woke up. Needless to say, I had to figure out how to do that! So, I tried tons of different methods and came up with this.

So, congratulations, you get to watch me act a fool on camera again. Not only that but you get to see our mid-moving apartment in the state that it’s in. eek. But, I hope this helps at least one girl who needs help getting curls to last in her hair. We will make the world a more beautiful place one fashion friday at a time. Am I allowed to say that? I don’t think so… retract.


with love and curly hair,


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Fashion Friday! (eyebrow disaster)

I have a problem…  Sometimes, I just don’t speak up. I really hate to inconvenience people and don’t like to cause problems a lot of the time. So, I don’t speak up. That poses a problem in certain situations such as haircuts, dress fittings, nail salons, and most recently eyebrow waxing. Today I went to have my eyebrows waxed and the girl did an AWFUL job. The paper kept ripping during the process and it wouldn’t come up right. The wax was really hot and she waxed them super thin and missed a lot of spots. They always give you a mirror at the end to look  at it and tell them how you’d like it changed. I looked and gasped but wouldn’t say what i needed done to fix it. I think it’s so important to speak up when you can in these situations. The person doing the job wants to do good and you don’t want to walk around with jacked up eyebrows, nails, hair or anything else that you paid for. But, I didn’t. I just walked out and cried to my husband. I had this wonderful esthetician in Boiling Springs. Hilda from Talk of the Town. She was a-mazing! Getting my eyebrows waxed with her was like a mini-facial and I never left with red brows and if they were a little red she’d cover it up with some mineral powder. Not to mention she had this soothing voice and she always chewed spearmint gum. (creepy much sarajane?) But, really, if you have a great esthetician, do not let her go! Hold onto her/him for dear life because they are a rare and beautiful find!  But, if you find yourself in a situation like i was in today, I have help. These little strips have saved my brows numerous times. From situations like today or just when I couldn’t get my brows done for a while, these are a great hold off for the real deal. They’re not as good as a professional waxing, but they’ll definitely help you out. Please meet…

Surgi Wax strips! They have strips for all types of waxing, but these are specifically for the brows. They’re strong enough to work, but not so strong that you might accidentally rip your whole brow off. They have a strip shaped for the bottom of your brow and one for the top. They’re so easy to use and work great. Not to mention that they’re only $3.99 at Sally’s Beauty Supply.  They saved me today, they might save you tomorrow. ha.

with love and happy brows,


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Fashion Friday! (How to wear scarves)

I l-o-v-e scarves!  A while back me and Eric Campbell and Tyler McCall made some photos of how to wear scarves for Eric’s sister. That and with scarves being so popular this summer, I thought that’d be a good thing to do for you guys! I hope you enjoy!

Please ignore how big of a dork I am on video : )

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