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If you block it, it will be lost! {Asheville, NC Photographer}

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action,
and because there is only one of you in all time,
this expression is unique.
And, if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium
and will be lost.”

-Martha Graham


with love,


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Introducing Soul-Days! {Asheville, NC Boudoir and Wedding Photographer}

I saw a tarot card reader for my birthday.

I know, I know.

I realize there are some of you reading this and thinking that I’ve lost it.

I also realize some of you are reading this and thinking, “fun!” {hi there 😉 }

She wasn’t telling my future. It was more like a therapy session.

We talked only about my career and she told me a lot of things that I already think/know.

One of the funniest things she said was…

Your boss is a slave driver.

She didn’t know that I was my boss at this point.

But, she was right.

We took time to chat about that and she mentioned that I needed to give myself room for my creative spirit to breathe. That I all-to-often fall into the mentality of structure and getting work done. But, that my gift is in my soul.


She’s right.

My talent and the breathe in my images comes from my heart. But, if I’m stifling that side of myself where will my art come from? I can promise you it won’t be from my t0-do list.


As you know, I like to find solutions to things. ha.

I’m implementing soul-days.

One day a week {probably friday} I’m going to take time to feed my soul. To breathe in the music I listen to. To have conversations over lunch that last a little longer than usual. To observe the interactions in people so I can better photograph others. To, take in my surroundings and surround myself with things that inspire me.

This is also a way of forcing myself to shoot for personal reasons. To make beautiful clothes and photograph them on my friends. {cause my friends are smokin hot!}

The more life I’m breathing into my life and my art, the more I can bring to the table professionally.


Tell me, what can/do you do to bring life and a new perspective into your work?

mags (5 of 6)

with love and soul,


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2012 Year-in-Review: Bridal Portraits! {Asheville, NC Wedding Photographer}

I’ve said it a thousand times and I’ll say it again, I LOVE MY BRIDES!! I can’t even explain the special place in my heart that I have for each of them! This could possibly be my favorite post to share this week simply because I love these girls so flippin much!!! Aren’t they beautiful?

2012-08-24_013 2012-03-15_013 2012-03-15_021 2012-10-09_010 2012-07-06_007 2012-04-25_0141 2012-03-15_011 2012-03-15_020 2012-12-18_002 2012-10-09_002 2012-04-25_0171 2012-05-16_010 2012-09-16_012 156099_507229539308924_61079055_n 2012-06-18_008 2012-06-28_042 2012-05-16_019 223865_436059593092586_1286207892_n 2012-08-01_022 2012-08-24_015 2012-09-16_010 2012-10-09_001 2012-12-18_015 2012-09-16_018

with love and 2012,


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Introducing Mrs. Boyer! {Asheville, NC Wedding Photographer}

Jessica is one of my favorite people to photograph! She’s incredibly comfortable in front of the camera and has so much fun with it! I met her and Ryan last year when they won the portrait session contest! I photographed their engagements, then I photographed Jessica and her beautiful mother during a Line up with Love in Asheville, then I was so blessed to photograph these bridals and their lovely wedding last weekend! I’m sad to see our journey together come to a close. But, I’m thrilled that I can FINALLY show you these bridal portraits that we took near Cold Mountain, NC!

The chapel featured is the Inman Chapel. Yes the Inman’s from the movie/book. Also, the Inman’s that so happen to be Jessica’s ancestors! I love photographing in places that hold significance to my subjects. That’s why I jumped on this when Jessica mentioned it as where she’d like to have her portraits photographed!

Stay tuned for pictures from Jessica and Ryan’s wedding later this week!



2012-12-18_003 2012-12-18_004


2012-12-18_006 2012-12-18_007

2012-12-18_008 2012-12-18_009

2012-12-18_010 2012-12-18_011


2012-12-18_013 2012-12-18_014

2012-12-18_015 2012-12-18_016


with love and marriage,


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Introducing Mrs. Foster! {Asheville, NC Bridal Portraits}

I loved photographing Maggie! She’s calm, kind, quick-witted, and nice to be around. Not to mention gorgeous! I say it everyday that I get to work with the most beautiful brides. But, I also need to let you know that they are the kindest too! Maggie was so gracious and thankful on her wedding day. She was constantly singing praises, especially for her husband to be.

It’s that goodness that shines through in her photos. A grace about her movements that reflects the inner workings of someone with grace to spare. I am so glad that I got to know her through this process! Maggie dear, you are lovely!


Maggie, Thanks so much for letting me into your big day! You have been delightful throughout the entire process. I can’t wait to share photos from your wedding later this week!!

with love,


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Introducing Mrs. Emily Gaddis! {Asheville, NC Wedding Photographer}


You may remember the beautiful Emily from her engagement session with her charming HUSBAND Todd at the Botanical Gardens and Downtown Asheville! They won my heart that day and Emily continued to make me adore her as we photographed her in THE dress! It’s no secret that I think I have the most beautiful brides in the world! Check out Emily and you will have to agree!

Don’t forget to check back this Friday to see the photos from their gorgeous wedding!


We took the photos at the absolutely breathtaking McGuire’s Millrace Farm in Murphy, NC. It was also their wedding venue!


Those eyelashes and that veil!!!



I love the lace detailing on her shoes!



Tree Tunnel!


Emily, you are breathtaking!




Emily asked if we could take her hair down and mess it up a bit for the last few!!

Number one hint that we may be a perfect fit!!


Love this girl!





Seriously Emily!!! You are awesome!




One of my all time favorite images!



You are one beautiful girl and you have the spirit to match! Thanks for being a dream bride! I can’t wait to share your wedding photos!!

with love,



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Wedding Tip Tuesday: Choosing Bridal Portraits for Print! {Asheville, NC Wedding Photographer}

I was so happy to shoot 2 beautiful bridal sessions last week! During the process of shooting bridals I’m always trying to get three styles of photos:

1. Traditional: Full length with the gown, bouquet {if applicable}, and a smile.
2. Breathing: These are the ones that have a bit of life to them. You may be moving, or laughing, or looking fierce. Either way, my goal is to pull out a bit of your soul.
3. Beauty: These are the up close shots of your face/shoulders. These are to document how lovely you look at this time in your life!

When you are looking to blow one up for the wedding day, it’s typical to go for that traditional shot. Usually you’re standing straight up, facing the camera, not moving. I understand why we do this. We want to show the full dress, hair, and make-up as they are intended to be. We want to remember the complete package. I get that.

However, the one common factor in all of my brides so far has been that they are trend-setters. They aren’t trend-followers. While we come from a line of tradition and I support it. I want to encourage my brides to take a step outside of what we know. To push the boundaries of what it means to remember yourself at this time. I think it’s just as important to remember how happy you are or how beautiful you felt! So, let’s step outside the box when choosing our portraits and go for something a little more, YOU!

If you know that you want the traditional large print that’s fine! What if you added another that’s more artistic? One that shows a little more of your personality?

I don’t know about you, but, when I look back in 50 years I want to remember the spirit that I had inside of me. The strength, the light, and the freedom!

{Note: I pulled a few photos from my past sessions to show the difference in a traditional vs. a breathing image.}



with love and bridals,




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Introducing Mrs. Ringley! {Savannah, GA Wedding Photographer}

with love and road trips,


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Introducing Mrs. Lail at Oak Hill on Love Lane! {Asheville, NC Wedding Photographer}

There are so many things about this session that are special to me. I adore this girl and I adore this bed and breakfast! It was a beautiful day to photograph a beautiful girl in a beautiful location with a beautiful dress!

Brittany and Eric were married on Saturday and I can’t wait to share the images from their gorgeous wedding!

with love,



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2011 Brides Getting Ready and all Dolled Up! {Year in Review!}

I have WAY to many categories that I want to fit into this week of looking back. I’m really pushing this one by doing both the getting ready shots and the bridal shots in one post. But, I just can’t get enough of all of my GORGEOUS brides! They are all stunning inside and out. I’m so blessed to have girls that I cherish to work with.

Feel free to tell them how beautiful they are in the comment box! They deserve it!

Getting Ready:

All Dolled Up!

with love and blushing brides,


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