Introducing Luna DeJesus! {Raleigh, NC Photographer}

There’s something heart warming about documenting the different stages of my clients lives. I was incredibly blessed to photograph Emily and Sergio’s wedding day {you can check it out here.} Now, I cherish the opportunity to photograph their new baby girl Miss Luna! I’m not sure there will ever be a more loved baby in history! What a lucky little gal!

2013-07-09_001 2013-07-09_002 2013-07-09_003 2013-07-09_004 2013-07-09_005 2013-07-09_006 2013-07-09_007 2013-07-09_008 2013-07-09_009 2013-07-09_010 2013-07-09_011 2013-07-09_012 2013-07-09_013 2013-07-09_014 2013-07-09_015 2013-07-09_016 2013-07-09_017 2013-07-09_018

with love,


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One response to “Introducing Luna DeJesus! {Raleigh, NC Photographer}

  1. Allison

    she is adorable… full of newborn sweetness!

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