Wedding Tip Tuesday: My Ten Favorite Bouquet Ideas! {Asheville, NC Wedding Photographer}

I LOVE photographing all the little details on a wedding day. Not just because they’re pretty. But, also because I love the idea that your grand children will know what your bouquet looked like, what you were like when you got married, and they can feel like they were there.

One of my favorite details to photograph in particular is the bouquet. So much work goes into something that is in just about every single picture that the bride is in. They add an amazing element to portraits and are just one more way to embrace your personalities on the wedding day.

I’ve collected my ten favorite types of bouquets for you here. Check it out!

1. The Peony Bouquet!

2. The Paper Flower Bouquet

3. Any Bouquet including Eucalyptus!

4. The Lavender Bouquet

5. The Keepsake Bouquet!

6. The Wildflower Bouquet.

7. The succulent bouquet.

8. The single flower bouquet! {my absolute favorite!}

9. The cotton bouquet.

10. The baby’s breathe bouquet!


with love and happy planning,



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