Guest Blogger: The Lipstick and Lace Experience! {Asheville, NC Boudoir Photographer}

Today’s guest blogger is the ever Beautiful Courtney! I photographed her last year at a boudoir party and she just captivated me! I’m so happy to have her here to share a little about her Lipstick and Lace Experience! 


“Hey…Iʼm doing a boudoir shoot…want to do one with me?” What? Get half
naked…and let someone take pictures of me? Not just any pictures…pictures that
reveal everything Iʼm most insecure about when it comes to my body. I donʼt think so.
That was my initial reaction when asked by a girlfriend of mine who was doing this as a
gift for her future husband on their wedding day. I also happened to have been recently
engaged at the time…and after some careful consideration (i.e. trying to picture what my
butt & stomach would look like on camera from every possible angle) I decided that my
husband-to-be would DIE if I gave him that as a wedding gift.

Of course, the few days leading up the ʻphoto shootʼ…I worked out a little extra, ate less,
tried to take extra good care of my skin, bought some high definition make-up so that Iʼd
look better in the photos…I tried on every single piece of lingerie that I owned &
repeatedly stared at myself in the mirror. None of that made a difference. I couldʼve
gained 10 pounds, just rolled out of bed, in sweat pants, no make up — and Sarajane
wouldʼve made me feel like the most beautiful and sexiest woman sheʼs ever

From the moment I stepped in to the hotel room to meet Sarajane, until I put my clothes
on after the final picture, I have never felt more beautiful, secure & sexy as a woman. I
distinctly remember some of the first words out of her mouth to me, “I donʼt see any
flaws in you. You are a beautiful woman, everywhere. So just relax & letʼs have fun”.
Aside from changing in a dressing room with my closest girlfriends, and getting
undressed in front of my now husband, Iʼve never felt more comfortable getting
undressed in front of someone else, let alone someone I had just met for the first time 3
minutes ago. She brought out the sexy in me that I didnʼt even know I had! During the
shoot, I almost forgot that she was snapping away with her camera.

Then came the time to take a quick look at some of the moments she had captured. I
didnʼt think I could feel more nervous than I did right before the actual shoot…but now I
had to look at the unfinished project. Yikes! Right before we started looking through
them, she said to me “Now…again, I see no flaws in you — but, just so you know, these
are unedited…” I still donʼt know how she made those photos look so amazing without
editing, but I was beyond pleased. And so was my husband on our wedding day!
Sarajane captured my moments of cuteness, being sexy, fun, flirty & just me being me.



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