I Think We all Have Those Moments… {Asheville, NC Boudoir and Wedding Photographer}

I think we all have those moments. You know the ones.

Where everything seems to come together in your mind.

All of the hard work, all of the early mornings, and all of the weeks without a day off.

You realize that you’re working for something bigger.

Not even bigger for yourself in terms of more money or a stable career. {which is nice, sure.}

But, bigger for the world.

That what we are doing, it’s creating a ripple in the universe. The lives we come in contact with are affected by the way we live our lives everyday.

The harder I work, the more women I reach, the more I can help them to see their own potential. The more they can pass that along to their children and so on.

The kinder you are to that jerk who complains over nothing, the higher the probability that they will learn what it means to be loved when they don’t deserve it.

No matter what our jobs may be or lack there of. We are making decisions that affect the lives of others and ultimately create our dent in history.

What do you want yours to look like?

Share with me below or on my facebook page!

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about mine.



with love and eternity,



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