Transition! {Asheville, NC Wedding Photographer}

Ok, I realize that I’ve been MIA. It’s been a RIDICULOUSLY long time since I blogged. I’ve never missed more than 2 days in a row until now. It’s been exactly a week. I’ve learned about myself that I’m not great in times of transition. I LOVE transition, don’t get me wrong. I thrive on change. The problem is, that I like it too much. I am generally always ready for the next move. So, when that times comes for something to change, I’m already in the mindset of what is next. But, sometimes you can’t make the change until things are settled back at the source. So,  as I prepare to move into my new office. I’ve struggled with remaining in my old office. Doing work and moving at the same time feels very difficult. Not to mention, I’ve been shooting a lot this week and that keeps me out of the office a lot anyway. So, no more excuses. I’m here today to share with you a little sneak peek of something I was working on last week for WNC Woman’s Magazine! I can share more with you when it comes out in print!



with love and transition,



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  1. Lindsay Lee

    Girl, you gonna make me famous.

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