Jenna and Clark’s Intimate Bed and Breakfast Weddi! {Waynesville, NC Wedding Photographer}

“Finding the words to tell you who you are to me, how your heart speaks to mine, why I want to spend the rest of my life with you is impossible.


“Promising to love you is something I don’t need to vow to you, because, it’s as easy as breathing. It’s as if I was meant to love you, that part of my existence on this planet was giving my heart away to you!”

“You’re a prince. You’re my prince. Not simply the Court Jester as you would like to believe. No, you are the one who slays dragons – whether or not they are imaginary. You are the one who lays his cloak over a puddle – or hoists an umbrella to keep the rain from ruining my hair.”

“To simply say you are one-of-a-kind is a gross understatement. Never have I met a person who is as thoughtful, generous, lovely, and purely full of life as you.”

“I take pride in the fact that I know you better than anyone. and yet. And yet, you are still a mystery to me. A ¬†beautiful mystery that I hope not to figure out like some sort of riddle, but to enjoy and take pleasure in for the rest of my days.”

“You are my winning lottery ticket. My unexpected miracle. My glimpse into happily ever after. You are my prince among men. I will never believe that I deserve you, and I will never take you for granted.”

“So, in the spirit of that bright eyed young woman who sounds like she has the world on a string, my pledge to you is in the form of a promise that I’ve learned is seriously binding. Or, as you have said, “This is important.” Here goes…”

“Your pinky please…”

“I pinky swear to stop at Zaxby’s on Roadtrips.”

“I promise not to sneak into your car/van/truck with you when you are going on a man-cation.”

“At home, I pinky swear not to be basketball-shorts-guy, at least not for long periods of time.”

“I promise to write you letters until I can no longer hold a pen.”

“I pinky swear to always see you and be present in your presence.”

“I promise to kiss your cheek whenever it strikes my fancy.”

” I pinky swear to never cheat at thumb wrestling.”

“I promise to never yell at you.”

“I pinky swear that you will be my best friend for all time.”

“I promise to love, protect, and care for Jack. I promise to love him as my own and never let him feel forgotten. I promise to be thankful for him.”

“I pinky swear that I will fight for you. That I will listen to you and honor you. That I will put you above myself, that I will always flirt with you, and that I will ask you to dance in the kitchen.”

“I promise to heart you until the day I die – and even after that.”

“I love you, and will love you. Forever, I pinky swear.”

“I swear to be your home.”

with love and vows,


Venue and Cake: Oak Hill on Love Lane



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2 responses to “Jenna and Clark’s Intimate Bed and Breakfast Weddi! {Waynesville, NC Wedding Photographer}

  1. In tears and I never even met them….

  2. What a lovely wedding! Clark definitely looks like his Mama!

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