Running with Happiness! {Sarajane’s Book Club}

I need to start writing these posts more frequently. Otherwise, I’ll forget what I’m writing about and/or what I’ve read. But, today I just want to talk about the last two books that I’ve enjoyed!

The Happiness Project
By: Gretchen Rubin

Follow Gretchen through a year’s journey of seeking out happiness in her everyday life. She doesn’t divorce her husband, move to a far off land, or sell all of her worldly possessions. She makes small steps to create a happier environment for herself while not changing her actual environment. Pretty Delightful.

This spoke to me in a lot of ways. I like to make BIG changes. To give up my home for a year and travel the world. To move away for summers at a time. While I think I’m seeking out happiness, what I’m seeking is adventure. Happiness comes in the small things. Appreciating the day to day, and learning how to improve yourself to be more grateful. I would recommend this book to anyone who has ever taken anything for granted. If I were to read it over again…

I’d read it one chapter a month {chapters are broken up into months} and really absorb what she is saying. I’d also set goals to apply the principals to my own life as I read. Maybe that’ll be my new years resolution?


Running with Scissors
By: Augusten Burroughs

I’ve been told that I should read Augusten Burroughs for a while now. For one, Burroughs is my maiden name and for two, he’s often compared to David Sedaris {my favorite author.}

Running with Scissors is a detailed account of Mr. Burroughs’ unusual upbringing. He’s thorough in his history and it’s good because every tiny piece of it is interesting and needs to be told.

Augusten’s writing style is wry and witty. He takes you there without making you feel like he is taking you there. You feel the emotions with his childhood self and long for a better life along with him. It’s an eye opener to anyone who has had a ‘normal’ childhood. Simultaneously, it’s an encouragement for those that think their childhood will follow them forever. He addresses some pretty dark human situations without losing his voice as a child. Thus allowing you to see the world through his eyes as he experienced them.

I would recommend this to anyone who can handle a few cuss words and graphic scenes. It’s quickly made it’s way to my top favorite reads!


with love and happiness,



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