The Month of July! My Month in Instagram and Goals! {Asheville, NC Wedding and Boudoir Photographer}

July was a month full of the unexpected. I came into it with the thought that it would be a slow month for me. I was planning on resting and focusing on marketing myself around town. Fortunately, I ended up being busy as ever. It’s interesting when you work for yourself, there’s never really a downside. If I’m busy-that’s great. If I’m slow-that’s nice too sometimes. So, after my first moment of surprise, I buckled down and prepared for the month ahead. With trips to Dahlonega, GA, Raleigh, Wilmington, Atlanta, and Hampton, TN it was one spent in lots of great spots around the southeast. I was also happy to have time to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones along the road.

July brought me a new sense of appreciation for the outdoors. I know! I even went hiking last week, so, I’m basically a professional now. It also brought a love for frilly tank tops, drinking on patios, and walking the dog. Oh yea, I got a dog. His name is Charlie and he’s pretty cute. You can see him in the instagram photos below.

August is looking like a great month. I’m taking on Eric as my photo editor. We’ll be spending the month of August training and getting him set up! I am looking forward to having someone to work with and that extra bit of free time! You’ll probably see more about him later this month on the blog!

Now, this is how I did last month on my goals. I did add a lot on there when I thought I wouldn’t be as busy. So, be gracious.

What I hope to accomplish in August…

Now, my month in instagram…

with love and drinking on patios,



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