How to Drink Black Coffee: Wellness Wednesday! {Asheville, NC Wedding and Boudoir Photographer}

Did you know that most coffee drinks with milk and sugar range from 300-1700 calories!?! That’s nuts! For a coffee-lover like myself {and many of you} those are scary facts. While I do enjoy the occasional cubano from Dripolator here in Asheville, it’s smart to think about where your calories are coming from. One of our roommates, Eric, likes to say, “I don’t drink calories.” I think that’s good advice. Enjoy every now and then, but, be aware that you could be spending those calories on food instead. For me, I’d choose a cubano over snacks any day of the week. But, if I need a second cup of coffee that day, it’s going to be straight black. Here is why:

1. I LOVE the taste of black coffee!
2. I think it probably hurts the coffees feelings if we add all kinds of junk to it.
3. It’s only 2 calories a cup!

People all the time tell me, “I can’t stand black coffee, I don’t know how you do that.” Well folks, I’m here to tell you that I too hated it at one point! It was about 5 years ago that my friend Ben and I dared each other to learn to drink our coffee black. If you know me, you know that I may be the most competitive person on the planet. { I get it honestly, hey granny : ) } So, I began working on it. Also, at the time I worked at a coffee shop as a barista and would drink coffee at every shift, I wanted to cut the extra calories out and fast. So, I started a process. One which I am glad to share with you and hopefully, it helps you to cut out that cream and sugar mess.

Step One: Drink GOOD coffee! Seriously, if you taste bad black coffee it’s going to be bitter, flavorless,  and just gross. But, a good cup of coffee should taste flavorful  and complex when black. Some are even a bit naturally sweet. Read my post at the 20 somethings on how to buy good coffee here.

Step Two: Change gradually. Here is how I did that.

Week One: 2 tbspn cream and 4 teaspoons sugar
Week  Two: 1 tbspn cream and 4 teaspoons sugar
Week Three: No Cream and 4 teaspoons sugar
Week Four: 3 teaspoons sugar
Week Five: 2 teaspoons sugar
Week Six: 1 teaspoon sugar
Week Seven: BLACK!

Ya’ll, it’s as simple as that.  Your taste will slowly adjust to having things less creamy and sweet gradually. If you follow this exactly and aren’t drinking black coffee in seven weeks, I’ll be shocked!

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

Do any of you drink black coffee? How did you get to that point?

with love and black coffee,



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