Sensible Snacking: Wellness Wednesday! {Asheville, NC Photographer}

I’ve tried a million different eating plans over the years. Always trying to do what is the healthiest option for me. I’ve cut out carbs, become a vegetarian {about 5 times over}, and stopped eating just about everything at one time or the other. But, nothing has really felt like it would stick. It also never felt right to cut out anything from my diet that was real food. {not meaning sodas, candy, and such.}

But, this week I accidentally ran across what is certain to be my next journey into healthy eating. I had a long work day one day earlier in the week and I missed lunch. So, I just grabbed some honeydew melon, some string cheese, and a croissant around 3pm. Normally, I would say, “self, that’s not lunch at all!”  But, as many of you saw the tweet, I justified myself just fine that day. Then, for supper I really just wasn’t feeling like eating much so I ate some squash and a banana. To be sure, I was hungry again in an hour so I ate some yogurt. At that moment I realized that I should have been eating like this my whole life.

There’s no need to eat 3 full meals a day. If I just grab something small every time I’m hungry then I’ll be more likely to eat a primarily plant based diet and I’ll be WAY less likely to overeat. I know that most of you are saying, “That’s the way we’re supposed to eat, 5-6 small meals a day, duh.” I’ve known that in my head too. But, this week was the first time I could practically think about it. I’m such a schedule oriented person, I like eating 3 solid meals a day. But, if I can focus on eating only when I’m hungry and not when the clock says it’s meal time. I think I’ll be way less likely to make eating mistakes.

My plan is to make eating this way a habit over the next couple of weeks. Then, I can focus on what I’m putting in my body. Mainly to make sure I’m getting enough protein {I’m not a big meat eater folks, shocking.} But, I do drink lattes, which have milk, which has protein, right? haha. : ) But, seriously, I plan on using this little thing below to help me make good choices when I’m snacking. Even though that hasn’t proved to be too difficult so far, mainly because I love fruits and veggies.

My main challenge so far in life with eating mostly plant based meals has been the fear of being hungry again in an hour. But, if I’m just eating tiny portions all day long, I can just eat again when that hunger hits! Simple enough right?

{Click on the image below for a larger view!}

with love and snacking,




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3 responses to “Sensible Snacking: Wellness Wednesday! {Asheville, NC Photographer}

  1. Rachel K

    Hi Sarajane! I love your blogs and was just wondering where you pulled this graphic from. I can’t quite read it as it’s posted here and it’d be helpful perhaps to go straight to the source to see if I can make it larger. Thank you!!

    • Hi Rachel! The credit for the image is at the bottom of it. But, if you click on it, it should get larger and allow you to zoom in! It’s also available for saving to your computer if you right click and save!

  2. Dino Minnifield

    Healthy eating is really necessary so that we can live longer. *

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