Think About the Suit!! {Wedding Tip Tuesday}

I know that I’ve touched on this topic before and that Kyle has even written a guest blog about it. But, I talk about the wedding dress all the time and the bridesmaids dresses more than enough. So, it can’t hurt to touch base with the suits again either!

One of our only regrets from our wedding was that we didn’t allow our guys to buy suits! We had everyone rent them. We did this because no one ever mentioned to us that it didn’t make sense.

But, I am not mentioning it to you!!!

It doesn’t make sense.

Here are my top reasons why you shouldn’t rent your suits!

1.It’s a Bad Investment

The groomsmen and your groom are going to spend upwards of $100-$200 on something they will just have to return.

Instead, find a great suit around the same price that they can keep for future events!

2. It’s Inconvenient! 

Did you know that they have to pick the suit up no earlier than the day before and return it no later than the day after? For most places in North Carolina, there aren’t suit rental places  there. So, they will be driving potentially 45 minutes the day before and after the wedding just for the suit. That includes your groom. So, before you can think about your honeymoon, you’ll have to think about how to get that tux back to the store.

3. They’re a Bad Fit. 

It’s just fact. Rental suits/tuxes aren’t cut to fit anyone’s shape. The sleeves are too long or too short, the middle is poofy, and the jacket is too long. The pants hit the ankles, and those shoes are just uncomfortable. The guys look frumpy and they feel frumpy as a result. Give them the chance to buy something that fits them well or to get it tailored if they’d like to.

4. You’d Rather be Different! 

Honestly, if you are reading these wedding tips at this point, I’m certain of the fact that you want your wedding to be a representation of you. Don’t do the cookie cutter option and have your groomsmen and groom look like all the others in history. Take this opportunity to personalize things a bit more.

Here are some suits that I’m a fan of, check it out:

{All suits are from Express for Men.}

I love this light airy one!

Or the modern grey!

Classic Black!

I also love when you nix the jackets and add a vest with a rolled up dress shirt!

with love and suits,



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