The 20 Somethings Blog! {Asheville, NC Photographer}

It all started when we moved into this house together. Tyler, Eric, Kyle and I are all bloggers. We’ve been writing and sharing our lives for years. Some off and on and through different media outlets. But, we’re sharers none-the-less. We started piecing this house blog together and realized we could just blog about all of the things we love most! Fashion, DIY, recipes, cocktails, politics, social issues, and whatever funny anecdotes we can come up with. This would be a place that we could talk about our time living in community with each other. A place that I could PHOTOGRAPH FOR FUN! A place that I could let me hair down a little and maybe even cuss on a blog post or two. We can be honest about how much we go out on the weekends and how much we don’t go out sometimes. A place that everyone can come, find something that interests them, engage in what we’re doing, and share in this age of creativity. Today is  the last day of our first week of blogging. We’ve spent the week sharing about ourselves and our vision for what this blog will look like.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this over the years, I hope that you take a minute and peruse over there. We’d love to hear from you and maybe even hang out if you’re near Asheville sometime!

{What are you waiting for? Check it out!}

with love and our next big adventure,



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