The Month of May: My month in Instagram and Goals! {Asheville, NC Wedding and Boudoir Photographer}

I’ve decided to switch up the goals posts a little bit. I want to share a little about the previous month and what I hope the month ahead will be like. I also wanted to start sharing a month’s view of my life as told by Instagram… so, we’ll see.

May was a good month for me. We’ve gotten settled into our new home, and I feel like I’ve gotten my routines figured out. I worked hard at balancing work time and rest time. I’m looking forward to June for several reasons, we’ve started a new blog with our roommates called “The 20 Somethings” where we can post about more of our interests. If you read this blog, you should def. read that one-it launches today and you’ll get to see a whole other side of my life that I don’t get to share here. eek! We’re mostly talking about all of the coolest things like, DIY projects, fashion tips, recipes, street photography, and more!

June is also going to be a really busy work month for me! I love my job so that’s a great thing : ) I want the month of June to be filled with all of the things mentioned above as well as iced coffees, green tea, and reading in the front  yard!

Here’s how I did last month on my goals…

What I hope to accomplish in June…

Another thing that happened to me in May is that I finally got an iPhone. I’m not tech-savvy at all and have tried to avoid a fancy phone. But, it’s really helpful for work and I’ve fallen in love with instagram.

Do you follow me on instagram? My name is sarajanecase, so…

Here’s my month in iPhone pictures!

with love and reading in the front yard,



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