Which Produce you DO and DON’T Need to Buy Organically! {Wellness Wednesday!}

Over breakfast this morning, my roommate, Tyler, was making his grocery list. He asked me if I’ve ever heard of “The Clean Fifteen” and “The Dirty Dozen.” I assumed they were TV shows on the CW or something. But, he told me they’re actually products of a study done by the EWG. They took 53 different vegetables and high pressure washed them. Following the washing they tested for pesticide residue. The dirty dozen are the foods that still had residue on them, these are the foods that are best purchased organic. The clean 15 are the foods with little to no residue, these are the foods safest to buy non-organic.

This is great news for my budget. Tyler keeps these lists on the back of his grocery list and then compares it to his grocery list, writing a little ‘o’ next to the produce he needs to purchase organically!

For the full list of foods tested go here!

Dirty Dozen

-Bell Peppers
-Spinach, Kale, Greens

Clean 15

-Sweet Corn
-Sweet Peas
-Sweet Potatoes

with love and the clean 15,


{Note: I do realize that there are a myriad of reasons to buy organically. Only one of which being pesticide consumption.}


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