Let me buy you coffee! Leading Lines: Composition fun! {Ask Sarajane}

Ok, so, this post is long over due. I did my post about the rule of thirds over a month ago. But, I’m doing these posts on composition every now and then so that we can all learn and be reminded of the basic beauty in a photograph and what makes a great one better than a good one. Also, I have so many lovely readers that aren’t professional photographers but want to take great pictures of their daily lives and I think that’s GREAT!


Leading lines! It’s pretty self explanatory I believe. Lines that lead the eye of the viewer to the subject. Simple as that! It doesn’t matter what the line looks like or what makes it, just as long as it is pointing your eye to the subject of your image.

What’s the subject you ask? It’s the focal point of your image. If I’m doing bridal portraits than my subject would be the bride. If I’m doing food photography then my subject would be that awesome eggs benedict that I’m photographing.

{now, I’m  craving brunch…}

It can be more than one line, it can be a vertical line, horizontal, even curved. You just want to make sure it’s pulling you into your subject and not away from it.

Here are a few examples from my own work:

If you can locate the lines in those images than you’re already on your way!

Your homework: I want you to take 10 images all with leading lines. All with different lines: some vertical, some horizontal, and curved, etc.

extra credit if you post them in the Sarajane Case Photography facebook page to share with others!

One person who posts in the facebook group will win a $5 gift card to starbucks!

with love and leading lines,



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