We’ve re-branded!

I’m up this morning doing the final details before I head to Vegas! While I prance around the house, my sweet sweet husband is passed out. You see for the last few weeks he’s been working at his job job from 3pm-11pm then he comes home and works on my website from 11:30pm to the unseen hours of the morning. Last night was no exception. All of his hard work has finally paid off!

I am BEYOND excited to share with you the new Sarajane Case brand! Complete with this schmancy new blog and WEBSITE!

Please, please, please share your love here, through twitter, or facebook. Because, that man worked his tail off for this and my 3 million thank you’s a day aren’t good enough.

Head on over there now…

Click this little preview to see the rest.

with love and a new brand,



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One response to “We’ve re-branded!

  1. This looks great! The website is very easily navigated and I love your new branding! Tell your man, job well done!!!!!

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