WPPI and a Feature! {Personal-Asheville, NC Wedding Photographer}

Today is a HUGE day of preparation. I’m finishing up all of my work from this week and shipping out packages to lots of my lovely clients! Then, I’m packing packing, packing for VEGAS! I’m so excited to be heading out west for a week for WPPI.

WPPI is Wedding and Portrait Photographers International. Every year thousands of photographers from all over go to Vegas to collaborate, learn, and create. This is my first year going and I am beyond thrilled. I’m also incredibly nervous. If you think of me send positive thoughts my way, hopefully people will want to be my friend ; )

I’m going to do my best to keep the blog posts coming next week!

For now, I leave you with 2 things!!!

1. For the loyal blog readers who check it out on Saturdays {I rarely post on Saturdays} You are in for a very very special treat tomorrow! So, don’t miss out!!! Seriously, make sure to check the blog tomorrow. lol

2. I’m so happy to share that Rachel and Nathan’s wedding was featured on both the front and back cover of Bangle magazine! : )




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