Fruit and Veggie Storage! {Wellness Wednesday}

After I posted about my bi-weekly grocery store habits I got a lot of questions about how I keep so many fruits and veggies fresh for 2 weeks. So, I thought a good post to share would be the shelf life and storage methods for the different fruits and veggies that I mentioned as well as some others that I thought may be of interest! : )

Spinach! I buy the organic boxed spinach. I buy two boxes for two weeks and just store them in the box. Usually when they are packaged this way they stay fresh for that long for me. The recommended shelf life is 10 days.

Brussel Sprouts! I buy the kind that are already air sealed. If I don’t open the bag they last me the two weeks I need. The recommended storage method is in an airtight container for 1-2 weeks.

Asparagus! I keep asparagus in the bag from the grocery store and leave it in the crisper. It usually lasts me a week and a half that way. The recommended storage is in the crisper unwashed for 2-3 days.

Broccoli! I buy mine and keep it in the crisper in the produce bag for about 1.5 weeks. I’ve never had broccoli go bad on me. However, the recommended method is to wrap it and keep in crisper for 3-5 days.

Artichokes! I again just keep them in my produce bag in the crisper for about 2 weeks. The recommended method is to sprinkle it with water and seal in a bag for 10 days in the crisper.

Red Onions! Keep them at room temperature for 2-4 weeks! Easy peesy. After that you can store them in a dry-cool place for up to four months!

Zucchinni! I keep it in the crisper for 2 weeks. The recommended shelf life is 2 weeks as well if kept in a bag that will keep out moisture in the crisper.

Red Potatoes: They will keep for about 6 months!!!

Green Onions!  I used to keep my green onions in the crisper for about 2 weeks. Now, Kyle has started a jar for me of green onions and they are growing like crazy! It was so easy, after you purchase your green onions next time simply stick the bottoms in a jar of water and they begin to grow immediately! Love it!

**This picture is not of ours, it’s one that I borrowed from the internet. Click on it for the source.***

with love and fresh veggies,



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  1. wow! This is amazing. YOU are amazing! ❤ love the green onion thing. Just bought some i may have to do that with! Also, the snow on your page made me think i was losing it for a second but now i love it! 😛

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