Daring December! {Monthly Goals!}

It’s the first day of December and the mountains are already dusted with snow. I’m bundling up, drinking hot tea, and pretending it’s classy to wear sweatpants and sweatshirts to the grocery store. More than the cold, this month is coming with a feeling of adventure. Taking risks and pushing myself past the limits I’ve established for myself. I can do more and I can do it better than before. So, with that attitude in mind, let’s review last months goals and get to setting goals for December!

Goals for November:


-Bedroom Shelves

-Buy a second space heater {we decided to hold off on this.}

-Find a Car {Lola is officially gone for good}

-Hang living room mirror

-Sew living room curtains.

-Figure out something for cold weather clothes

-Love Kyle more than myself { I tried with all my might! I think that counts until I get better at it.}


-Blog m-f

-Buy 50mm 1.4 {Once the 30d has been sold} It didn’t sell.

-Meet with an accountant

-Update website

-Update blog

-Continue Secret Project work

-Shoot something for myself.

I def. fell short of the goals last month. I had so many sessions that kept me pretty busy. {Which is GREAT!} Hopefully, I will be able to tackle a few more of these this month!

December Goals:


-Finish decorating Living Room

-Join Gym

-Workout 5 days  a week.

-Eat in 90% of the time.

-Zero Sodas!

-Read 2 full books

-Spend at least 3 full days working on things for Neighbors for Equality

-Drink more green tea.

-Spend less $!



-1 Session a week.

-Blog a roadtrip story

-Begin planning Line up with Love in Asheville

-Build and ship 3 albums.

-Become an LLC {no more sole proprietor for me!}

-Open business banking

-Meet with an accountant

-Finish updates for website and blog

-Continue work on top secret project.

I tried to keep this realistic to my schedule. I hope that I can make it all happen!


On another note, yesterday Amy and Bryson’s wedding was featured on Le Magnifique blog! I couldn’t be happier! Please, head over there and give them some comment love!


with love and taking risks,




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  1. SaraJane I love the goal list. I must say that…Some of mine for this month match up!!! Keep up the good work. TTYL

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