It’s time to start Christmas Portraits! {Christmas Collections!}

I am so NOT one of those people that starts thinking about Christmas in July! I love the feeling of Christmas in DECEMBER! It becomes watered down if we start celebrating months in advance.

However, it is time to start thinking about your Christmas Portraits! In order to have them printed and shipped to you before Christmas time, we should start scheduling within the next couple of weeks! So, we’re offering our Christmas time specials now! Below you will see our Christmas Collections and you can choose as much or as little as you would like! Call or e-mail today and set up your Christmas Portraits!!

P.S. All of our Christmas Cards are made with 100% recycled materials!

with love and a little bit of Christmas cheer,




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2 responses to “It’s time to start Christmas Portraits! {Christmas Collections!}

  1. hi sarajane

    i have been following your blog since you guys were on your trip. i would really like to subscribe, but i can’t seem to find a button for that?


  2. Hi Jana, Thanks so much for following! There should be a check box below the comment box that says “notify me of new posts via e-mail.” I hope that helps.

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