FALL into Love! {DIY Bride!}

For reasons that go back to a church bus in elementary school where a boy told me my hair was orange and not red. {I didn’t like that.} I do not like the color orange. Not to mention that it doesn’t go well with my hair and complexion. However, there’s something about this fall. It’s hitting me in a different way than ever before and the color orange mixed with my favorite shades of green, well, it’s starting to look pretty appealing. So, as we kick of this new project I am happy to incorporate some orangey tones, I mean it is a fall wedding after all!

For the month of October, every Tuesday I will be hitting you up with a different DIY project related to the wedding them “FALL into love.” Our colors will be burnt orange, sage green, and mustard yellow. Below is the storyboard for our wedding theme and check back next week for a little DIY project that you can either use for your wedding or just for everyday life! {*cough* sarajane *cough*}

with love and RED hair,




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