Emily and Sergio Sneak Peek and Monthly Goals! {Raleigh, NC Wedding Photographer}

I used to say that I never miss people. That was true at the time, but, one day something happened and I felt a new twinge of pain in my gut after driving away. It wasn’t the same eager run towards freedom that I was used to, it was sad and I never wanted to feel that way again. Unfortunately, it’s only increased since then. Something changes in you when you’ve had people show you the kind of love and support that I’ve been blessed to receive from friends, family, and one amazing husband. I was so lucky to make a trip down to Raleigh for the night last night to do Emily and Sergio’s engagement session. Just so happens Emily is sisters to one of my favorite friends in the world also, along with Sam, I have some other really dear friends living here and they all live this life together.

Seeing people who are so dear to me for only a blink of an eye, well, that’s much more difficult than one would imagine. I was supposed to be this rogue woman, moving from town to town never looking back. But, it seems like I’m moving from town to town and feeling that ache in my gut all the way to the next one.

How blessed I am to have people that I care for so deeply! A true gift.

Now… Goals!

My goals from last month: {bold are the completed goals}


Build Closet

Shelves for bedroom {half way done}

Get new showerhead

Organize Jewelry

Decorate Office

Take at least one self-portrait

Alternate books with library books. {I’ve pretty much just been reading library books, oops.}

Create something at least once a week. 

Sew curtains for bedroom {I broke the needle on Kyle’s sewing machine, how embarrassing}

Write at least one story from the trip.


Blog m-f

Begin senior portrait marketing.

Finish 2 wedding albums

Begin planning Line up with Love in Boiling Springs. 

Do a great job on shoots/weddings.

Get censors cleaned.

Post self-portrait with october goals. {fail.}

Talk to art galleries about project.

Find a good book keeping system for me. {harder than one may think.}

Go to WPPI-U and don’t be shy.

October Goals!


Bedroom Shelves!

Implement new cleaning schedule. {yes, I’m lame.}

Organize jewelry

Seriously, take a self-portrait!

Write one story from the trip

Hang living room mirror

implement savings goals.

Work out at least 4 times a week.

Only eat out once per week. {unless traveling}


Blog m-f

Sell Canon 30D

Buy Canon 50mm 1.4

Talk to art galleries about project

Find a good Bookkeeping system for me.

Finish website updates.

Update pricing for 2012 weddings!

Work on top secret project : )

Look into outsourcing!

Find a charity to be involved in.

Host line up with love in Boiling Springs.


Now, as your reward for making it through that, here is just a little sneak peek from the engagement session yesterday!

with love and that familiar ache in my gut,




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3 responses to “Emily and Sergio Sneak Peek and Monthly Goals! {Raleigh, NC Wedding Photographer}

  1. My first time here. Awesome blog and great post. Well done.

  2. oh girl, sewing needles break all the time! no worries. Also, we just got a new shower head and you have to get something called teflon tape to go under it apparently…so we haven’t put our up yet 😛 hope that helps 😉 ALso, their photo is ADORABLE. hope you’re great! 😀

  3. I Really enjoyed your blog. I just bookmarked it. I am a regular visitor of your website I will share It with Yep. I lurk there often. You guys have a wonderful blog. Keep up the good work.

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