Amy and Bryson’s Bright Vintage Wedding Part I {Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer}


After all of our pre-wedding communication, their engagement photos, Amy’s bridals, and then their wedding day, it’s sad to see my journey with Amy and Bryson come to an end. But, we are leaving with a BANG! Their wedding was by far the most detailed that I’ve ever done and I LOVED LOVED LOVED every minute of it! Every bright yellow, every bit of lace,  every book, and every last vintage plate, it was dreamy! Not to mention yellow and gray go so fabulously together! So, prepare yourself for lots of detail shots, and lots and lots of creativity boosters!

Thanks for checking in today for Part I, and don’t forget to come back tomorrow for Part II {That’s where the portraits live!}

Ok, the day started off right with these blue heels! Also, can we talk about how much we love her custom dress hanger?!

Her bouquet was to die for!

That’s her perfume on the right!

Amy, you are gorgeous!

The entrance to the ceremony was decorated perfectly! The details are complete with photos of both of their parents and grandparents on their wedding days!

I’m telling you, they took everything and made it fit them! Even the table holding the unity candles!

The ceremony was so emotional. It went from laughing to crying and back again! Pastor Danny Davis did the ceremony and it was personal, loving, and un-stuffy!

I am so thrilled to share the rest of the images with you tomorrow!

with love and lots of lovely details,




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3 responses to “Amy and Bryson’s Bright Vintage Wedding Part I {Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer}

  1. She is lovely, I want to steal her hair… I feel a little evil for saying that.

  2. Nealie Foster

    Oh my Sara Jane…these are wonderful…can’t wait for the REST OF THE STORY!

  3. This is so unbelievably lovely.

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