Sedaris Fever Continues! {Sarajane’s Book Club}

Hello my loves! Well, I am back with more and more books by David Sedaris! I hope that some of you are picking up his books of essays and falling in love like I did. {not like I did with you Kyle Case, calm down.} For those who have lost interest in hearing me chatter on about how amazing he is, I have good-ish news. I only have one book of his left to read and then I have to wait until he writes another. So, heartbreaking for me, but, maybe a relief to some of you. : ) For now, here are the latest ones I’ve read.

Naked by: David Sedaris

This was one of my favorites. I love his talk about his OCD, the moment he realized he was gay, his hitch-hiking adventures, and a brief period in a nudist colony. All equally interesting and hilarious. I love how genuine and open he is with such personal information. It’s the kind of raw honesty that I believe would make this world a better place.

When you are Engulfed in Flames by: David Sedaris

This is his sixth book and you can by the fluidness of his writing in this one. It seemed older, more developed, and like it’s been waiting in the bedroom to walk downstairs while it’s millions of readers prepare to take it to prom. He talks more about his partner Hugh than in most and I love the way he talks about him, with such sass and a serious sense of adoration that he tries to mask with complaints about how fast he walks or how he always wants to do the right thing. You’ll love to hate his crazy neighbor Helen, to go with that, you’ll feel more for a spider than you may have ever thought possible.

Barrel Fever by: David Sedaris

His first book, it was published in 1994 and is a lot different than the others. The first have are all fiction short stories and the second half are all essays. I enjoyed these just as much and the fiction really appealed to me because of how off the wall it was. However, at this point, I’ve become really interested in the dynamics of his family, characters that I’ve grown to know through his other books. So, I was a little disappointed not to hear more about them. I would def. recommend reading this book first rather than towards the end. I did love reading his perspective as a smoker as well as his story of working as a macy’s elf,  which is also in Holidays on Ice.

with love and serious case of Sedaris fever,



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