The Adventures of House Hunting! {Chattanooga, TN}

We  drove up to Chattanooga yesterday to look for a place to move into in August. We drove around town trying to find the perfect house in the perfect location and we didn’t find anything. We’re on the search again today, this time looking at apartments in ok locations. It looks like we’ll be finding something for the next year to use as a base for us to find a home to stay in for a few more years.

All of this to say, house hunting is like dating. You get really excited about a place because it’s attractive, has good credentials, and it is welcoming to company. But then someone else just grabs it up right when you start to make your move. The problem is you’re already attached to the cutie with the blue shutters. So, you sulk away to the rebound home. It’s not quite as handsome, it may not have as good of credentials, but, it’ll do in a pinch. But, I’m convinced that if we take our time and keep searching, just like with love, we’ll find the one that is more beautiful to us than the rest, has it’s own set of unique characteristics that appeal to us, and the flaws that it has are the ones we can live with.

Wish us luck.

with love and house hunting,




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2 responses to “The Adventures of House Hunting! {Chattanooga, TN}

  1. Good luck. I hate house hunting. I always fall in love with a place and start planning out what I am going to do and 6 min later we find out someone just put in an offer etc. I hope that your experience wasn’t like mine and even so I know have a house I love.

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