Cold Brewed Ice Coffee! {Recipes}

So, I promised a recipe. This isn’t exactly food, but, it is great for me and for my health and my pocket book. As you all definitely know by now, I’m obsessed with quality coffee! OBSESSED. But, we’re trying to really scrimp and save in preparation for our move in August. So, going out for coffee everyday isn’t really the best plan. I’ve also not been interested in hot coffee since summer started. So, I went out in search of how to make cold brewed coffee. I’ve heard a lot of things about it and I’ve enjoyed it the couple of times I’ve had it from coffee shops, but, I’ve never made it myself.

Cold brewed coffee is great for numerous reasons: it has less caffeine, it’s less acidic,  and it holds the true flavor of the coffee.

So, here is how to make it folks. {This recipe was a little bit weak for me with the beans that I used. I recommend using a darker roast.}

What you need:

A large bowl.

A pitcher.

A spoon.

A strainer.

Paper Towels/Cheese Cloth.

1 lb. dark roast coffee.

10 cups cold water.

cream/milk if desired.

sugar/flavor if desired.

How to:

Pour your coffee into a large bowl. {Medium-Coarse grind is easiest. But, any will work.}

Pour two cups of water on coffee and stir.

Pour remaining water over coffee and make sure all grinds are in water.

Cover and let steep overnight for 12 hours!

After steeping: Strain the mixture through a strainer covered in cheese cloth. {I used paper towels.}

Strain a second time to make sure all grinds are free from coffee concentrate.

{This is my little setup.}

After this pour it into your pitcher. It can keep in the fridge for up to 3 weeks if closed up tight.

Depending on your taste you can either drink it straight up over ice, add hot water and drink it warm, or dilute it a bit with cold water/milk.

with love and cold brews,




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2 responses to “Cold Brewed Ice Coffee! {Recipes}

  1. Sounds amazing. And I don’t really like coffee.

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