Home feels good. {Updated Travel Plans!}

Spending the night with my dear family, driving into boiling springs, spending time with our favorite friends in the world, and visiting with Kyle’s family over greek food. All of these things just felt too good. We were planning a month more of travels after we left Boiling Springs, and that just didn’t sound as appealing as spending the summer with the people we care about the most. Not to mention I’ve become weary with not having a steady work schedule everyday. I am not the kind of person who can just put something off until the next day.

But, we’re also not the kind of people who give up when things get tough. So, we found a middle ground. We will be compressing the next months worth of traveling into a single week. That way we can be back in time to book the portrait sessions that I need to book, get rested before the height of wedding season picks up, and to have more time with our friends and family before we move to Chattanooga. So, here are our updated travel plans. I’m sure that this will be even  more of an adventure than any of these other months have been so far.

May 25-26 | Morgantown, WV

May 26 | Driving through and stopping in Youngstown, OH

May 26-27 | Buffalo, NY

May 27-28 | Rutland, VT

May 28-29 | Portland, ME

May 29 | Driving through and stopping in Portsmouth, NH

May 29-30 | Boston, MA

May 30 | Driving through and stopping in: Providence, RI & Bridgeport, CT

May 30-June 1 | New York City!!!

June 1 | Driving through and stopping in Philadelphia, PA, Wilmington, DE, & Baltimore, MD.

June 1-2 | Washington, DC

June 2 | Boiling Springs, NC!!!

with love and sweet carolina,



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One response to “Home feels good. {Updated Travel Plans!}

  1. Allison

    So… you comin’ to see us in any of that?

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