It’s in the people you meet.

Sitting over an incredible meal of some of my very favorite foods, {sweet potatoes, spinach, salad, and chicken sausages.} Our lovely host in Milwaukee- 60 year old, beautiful Marti was speaking about her recent trip biking across the country. She said, “people always ask us what was the most amazing thing that we saw on our trip, but really, it’s all in the people that you meet! That’s where it’s at.”

I loved those words. I loved them because they came from somewhere real. Because I knew that she meant it, and because I couldn’t agree more! Me and Kyle more than anything look back on our time in these different cities and we remember the people that we had conversations with, the strangers who showed us kindness, and the people we’ve listened to as they dealt with their own struggles. That’s where it’s at! Those who’ve been a part of this trip of ours. Thank you so much for having us into your homes, feeding us, and more than anything, for sharing your lives and your hearts with us. It means more than you know!

with love and the people we meet,



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  1. Sophia

    Hi Sara, I’ve been checking in periodially on your blog since you and Kyle stayed with us in Northern CA. I just had to comment on this post. The people factor is what we love so much about being Couchsufting hosts. It’s certainly a two way street and you two are spreading love and light as well. Wishing you both the best as you do your whirlwind wrap up of your trip and what ever future adventures you have planned. -Sophia

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