Honeymoon Island Wedding: Cara and Mark {Part II}

Walking down the aisle to him, the sound of the waves, the music, and the guests, all went mute. She choked back the tears, the realization that this is finally IT, the moment that all of the planning and stressing was for. She was about to marry the man who has been so patient and supportive since the beginning. There on the beach with her closest friends and family they would devote their lives to each other. In sickness, health, richer, poorer. They had most of those down already. Life together-forever was only a few sentences away and then she blinked, walking up to her honeymoon suite with the man she could now call her husband.

Enjoy Part II of Cara and Mark’s Honeymoon Island Wedding!

I remember when Cara found her ceremony site, she e-mailed me pictures and I couldn’t have been more excited. Especially about this awesome walkway!

Kyle snapped this awesome shot of the entire ceremony! I am so proud of him!!!

I loved the fans that they provided all of their guests! I seriously kept one and got a compliment from the lady who went through my bags in the airport on my “beautiful fan!”

This is my favorite part of the day, the couple pictures! We had a limited time to get as many shots as possible and Cara and Mark ROCKED IT! They are one good looking couple : )

People always wonder why I never tell anyone to smile, I always ask for ‘fierce’ faces. It’s because, THIS smile is so much more beautiful than if you were posing with one. Cara, you are amazingly gorgeous!

Dear wind, I love what you do with veils!

When I asked Mark to dip her, Cara gasped and said, “It’s THE SHOT!” Too cute.

The reception was held at the Hilton in Oldsmar, FL. I loved how simple and bright the beach decorations were! 

Kyle grabbed this shot from above!

The best man and maid of honor toasts were both hillarious and sentimental. I especially loved when Jeff threw down a bunch of keys and said that he went back to all of Mark’s old girlfriends and got their keys back to his apartment so they won’t be coming by anymore. Emily won me over when she quoted the Adam Sandler song from Wedding Singer, ” Grow Old With You.”

I was so impressed with Kyle capturing this shot of the father-daughter dance!

Mark and Cara, I know you are going to be even happier together tomorrow as you were today! I’m blessed to have documented your love!

with love and happily ever after,



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