Honeymoon Island Wedding: Cara and Mark! {Part I}

She held it in, her eyes started to get a little glassy but she looked up with a smile and waved her eyes dry. She wasn’t going to cry! She held it in, all the way up until she put on her dress, a few tears fell, but, when he surprised her with a beautiful pearl necklace and earrings, that when she let it go. A few tears and she was even more beautiful than before, because she was a woman in love. You can tell when someone is truly loved, they open up, they become a better version of themselves. I see that in both Cara and Mark. They take care of each other, make each other laugh, and support each other through sickness, and hard times. Cara and Mark are one of those couples that just belong together. They seem to walk in sync and compliment each other perfectly. I couldn’t imagine a world where they ended up with anyone but each other.

So, you could imagine how happy I was when Cara e-mailed me and said one of the sweetest things anyone has ever said. “I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my wedding photography.” Cara, I am so honored to have been a small piece of such a beautiful day. What you and Mark have is priceless. I adore you both and can’t wait to see you again!

*O yea, check back tomorrow for part II!*

I loved her dress! Check out those beautiful details! Perfect for a beach wedding : )

Her shoes were also super cute! I love the wedge!

Also, a huge fan of her bouquet! Kyle even made a point to tell me how much he liked it! 

My time with the girls started at Averial’s Little Hair House in Safety Harbor, FL.

Seriously Cara, it should be illegal to look that beautiful before you’re even finished!

This was so emotional. I love this moment when the bride feels like a bride for the first time!

Getting her surprise jewelry! Good job Mark!

I’m a little bit obsessed with her tattoo.

After she finished getting ready me and Cara had 5 minutes alone for her to breathe and take everything in and for me to capture her before the rest of the day unfolds. She was stunning!

The picture to the left is the one that made me cry when I saw it on my camera. I never claimed to be emotionally uninvolved, ok!

While I was shooting those, Kyle, was with the guys shooting these. I am so lucky to have him as my second shooter!

I loved the guys ties, so I had to grab a quick shot on the beach. 

Cara’s bridespeople looking fierce!

Look at them, pulling out the fierce faces!

Seriously, could you all get any better at this?

until tomorrow…

with love, sun, and sand,



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