Confession: I still get nervous! {Self-Portrait}

Maybe the first part to this confession should be that I am terrible at taking self-portraits right now. I have literally had it on my to-do list every single week since March. But, I put it off and put it off. I use excuses like, “but, my hair’s not straight.” or “I’ll wait until we’re somewhere cooler than this,” or “when the weather is prettier.” But, in Seattle, I finally gave in, messy hair, rainy day, and an uneventful surrounding, I took a self-portait, because I promised and because I was feeling particularly introspective that day.

Confession #2: I still get nervous before every single photo shoot!

I have been shooting weddings/portraits for four years now and I feel like I have my style down (although as I continue to learn it evolves) but, I still get nervous before every single shoot. I start to talk outloud to myself reminding myself of the new poses I want to try and what the lighting conditions for that particular shoot are going to be. Yes, Kyle sometimes thinks I’m talking to him, and yes, that’s extremely embarrassing. My first wedding of the season is next week. I’ve started myself on a refresher course for the new wedding year. Every single day I am going through different parts of the wedding day and preparing for every possible situation. I know, OCD much? I am constantly aware of how much people are paying me to capture their love and I want every single shoot to be better than the last. So, I treat every shoot like it was the only shoot of my life. I prepare and plan and put on my game face, and take a nice big shot of espresso before I start. (don’t judge)

So yea, I still get nervous.


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One response to “Confession: I still get nervous! {Self-Portrait}

  1. christen

    You are so beautiful SJ!

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