The State of California! {Sleep Spaces}

Hey friends! We are in Seattle at the moment. We drove here last night from Portland. I know my blogging has been sporadic, that’s way unlike me, but, our trip is speeding it up and that means my time is spent adventuring, preparing for upcoming weddings, and driving, driving, driving! But, I will be in as much as I can and back in full force once wedding season starts, so so soon!

Now, where did we sleep in California?

Los Angeles:

We stayed with a nice guy in a sweet retro apartment. I was too shy to tell him I didn’t have a blanket and froze the entire night only to have him tell me in the morning he had plenty of blankets I could have used. A lesson I am learning over and over again on this trip, just speak up and suffer quietly a lot less!


A very sketchy Motel 6, I’m pretty sure the people next door to us were drug dealers. Drug dealers, who thought it was the best idea to watch us unpack our entire car from the door of their room. No, not scary at all. Thanks. However, on a happier note, it was  in a good location, next door to a Panda Express and across the street from a Starbucks. ha.

San Francisco:

We started out at a creepy couchsurfer guys house and ended up switching to our lovely friend Ren’s house! He let us have his room for the last three nights we were in town and it was so sweet! Yes folks, we did share this tiny bed. It’s called love.

The Sea Ranch:

Our new friends Bob and Sophia had a GUEST COTTAGE! Isn’t that fancy!?! We had a bed, a bathroom, and a kitchen to ourselves. So sweet! On top of that it was decorated so sweetly!


We had a treacherous drive to Carol’s house. It was supposed to be 4 hours but because of a mudslide we were forced to take a detour making it a 10 hour drive! On crazy California back roads. At one point I was driving with a cliff on my right, a mountain on my left with falling rocks, the thickest fog I’ve ever seen and rain to my front, and a crazy driver with his brights on to my rear. I was driving 5 mph and holding my breath! Needless to say, when we rolled into Carol’s at 11pm, I was pumped to find out that this was the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in!

with love and California,



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  1. Great post! I’m glad you got to experience California and all its unpredictability. It’s a great state. I’ve always wondered about the guest houses there. I’ve seen more there than anywhere else I’ve been.

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