Wedding Tip Tuesdays. (Men’s Suits)


It’s Kyle! I’m stepping in for Sarajane today to talk about man stuff. So, women, cover your ears.

Sarajane does a lot of tips about planning weddings, but she rarely covers the guys perspective, so she asked me to step in and give some advice. What I’m going to talk about today are suits.

Even if some of them don’t admit it, guys like to look good too. No one wants to be up in front of family and friends in an expensive tux that is too big or too ugly. And it’s always really painful to shell out that kind of cash for a tux that you have to return to the store two days later.

Last year, Sarajane and I were both in the wedding of some dear friends, and they had a wonderful idea. Instead of renting tuxedos, the groom had us buy a nice suit. Since we went in together, we had a group discount and the suits ended up costing barely more than the rental-tuxes and we got to keep them forever. (and let’s be honest, no one likes cummerbunds anyway)

So, I thought I would show some cool suits that you should wear. (I chose mainly from Men’s Wearhouse because they are pretty much the only national chain for this sort of thing.)

Price Range: $100 – $299

Wilke Rodriguez Gray Check

I’m a big fan of gray suits.


Price Range: $300 – $499

Lauren by Ralph Lauren Black

Black is a solid option if you still want the classiness of a tuxedo.


Price Range: over $500

Joseph Abboud Tan


Lighter colors are nice if you are doing the outdoor thing. (Not nearly as hot when your standing out in the sun for hours – trust me on that one)

So, I hope that helps a little bit. Tune in tomorrow to hear more from your favorite redhead.





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