I get my kicks on Route 66.

Driving down route 66 on this crazy trip of ours, I felt a moment of renewal. Like this really is an adventure. We’re not just crazy tired and driving too much for nothing. We’re seeing some of the most beautiful places in America. As we pulled into Pop’s, one of the many road side attractions. We were immediately excited about the modern style building, the two story tall coke bottle, and the wide array of soda options we could see from the window.

As we sat in a booth, drinking our strange sodas and eating a giant cookie, we realized that we needed to do more things like that. We need to have more fun. What good is a trip around the country, if you aren’t living in the moment and embracing everything that comes your way. Who cares if it adds 30 minutes to your drive or puts you a little over what you budgeted for the week. We’re going to take this trip by the horns and really live it.

One of the things Kyle has been the saddest about leaving NC is that other states don’t have Sun Drop, his favorite soda. We’ve seen it only two other times since being on the road and they had it at pop’s. I’m pretty sure I saw a single tear of joy stream down his face when he saw this display.

We got two sodas each to try. Kyle got Guarana which is a soda he had while in Brazil that he loved, he as got Leninade. I got dang root beer and Fizzy Lizzy, I’m a sucker for good packaging.

with love and lots of fun,



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  1. Love it! Thanks for the photos of your journey … living vicariously!

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