Three days without caffeine and a cross country road trip… eh.

I realized recently that I don’t post enough about my life. I post about things I like and things I do, but, not as much about my life. So, here it is.

We’re in Texas and I am tired. We’re in Austin which I’m really excited about. We haven’t gotten out and about yet, but, I hope to see this city that we’ve heard so much about in full today. But, man am I tired. Somedays there is so much energy in doing a trip like this, you feel like you’re on top of the world. But, days like yesterday and today, you have a splitting headache and you’re just tired. Not to mention I’m on day 3 of my first week trying not to drink caffeine. As my dear friend Collyn would say, “Lord help.”

But, here are some photos from our last few states. Since I posted the Tennessee photos we’ve been to Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and now Texas. So, I’m just posting a couple from these places. Enjoy.

We saw this group of hippi musician folks all around New Orleans. I don’t know what they’re doing there, but, I was a little obsessed with them, trying to figure it out all the time.

Gotta get a Cafe Au Lait from Cafe Du Monde.

and delicious beignets. Me and Kyle went three times.

Waiting in line on Saturday morning. I love that man.

A foggy morning on the river.

I’m not sure why I had a sudden fixation on light posts, but, whatever.

In mississippi we stayed with our friend Sarah who is doing teach for america there in Greenville. We learned so much about the Mississippi Delta that we didn’t know before. An eye opening few days.

Our lovely host also made us some delicious whole wheat pancakes!

We were sent to this lovely mennonite bakery where you can put a pin on their map of where you are from.

While we were there, my mouth turned into a scone.

The view from Sarah’s back door.

While we were in Little Rock, Arkansas. We went to a place called the flying fish. I loved their adoption program.

Kyle is clearly very excited about it too.

We also found a fun park that I’m sure was intended for children, but, it had too many fun things for us not to explore.


with love and caffeine withdrawals,



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