Decorating, irons, and long slides. {Things I Like!!!}

Well, well, well, here we are again. If I’m starting to look vain with these ‘things I like’ posts then just let me know. But, I just love to share the things that make me happy/make my life a little easier or more bright. So, until I hear otherwise, I’ll keep ’em coming and coming and coming. ha. But really, I’ve been thinking about making these a little Monday tradition. But, I never do well with tradition so don’t hold me to it. Just a thought.

1. Apartment Therapy!

Being on the road has created some kind of strange nesting thing in me. I keep making plans for when we have a house again. What kind of decorations I’ll have, how I’ll organize things, what color my office will be, etc. Before my friend Rachel in Chattanooga introduced me to Apartment Therapy, I was talking poor Kyle’s ear off about it. But now, I’ve created a folder on the desktop with all of the images with ideas that I like (organized by room of course.) Check them out, it will change your life, or at least your apartment. Here are a couple of the images that inspire me…

2. Eagles Nest Outfitters!

For my birthday, my lovely husband bought be the double nest ENO hammock. I’ve wanted one for a little while and I’m so happy to have it. We can  both lay in it and it can hang literally anywhere! I was happy to try it out for the first time in Mississippi last week.

3. My Straight Iron

I literally used the same straight iron from my sophomore year of high school until Dec. 2010. So, right before we left on the trip I realized it was falling apart. I needed to get a new straightener and I didn’t want to pay one. But, I found this one for $20. (irons can go up to $200) It was thin like I wanted, it got up to the heat I desired, and it was neat looking. So, i went ahead and got it. I love it. It works wonderfully and is thin enough to curl my hair also. A good investment for sure.

4. Chi Iron Guard

While we are on the subject of straight ironing… Chi Iron Guard works wonders. It’s great for protecting your hair from the damage that straightening can cause. It also makes your hair smooth and soft. I got mine in the sweet little compact size for travel. Of course.

5. Long slides in random parks in Little Rock, AR.

What do I NOT like?

Spraining my ankle at the bottom of said slide. I’ve never felt more old then I did after getting shot out of the bottom of that thing and not landing gracefully. Actually, what I may hate more than that are embarrassing pictures taken of the event.

with love and headed to Oklahoma city,



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  1. bahaha that slide is awesome and thanks for the apt therapy link….. you just created a monster

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