February Travel Schedule and a Sneak Peek @ the Hard Rock Hotel!

It’s that time again, we are headed into our last city for the month of January. We’re making our way up to Atlanta today. We broke the drive up from Orlando and stopped in Valdosta, GA for the night. (Kyle got us a hotel room as a birthday surprise to me, too sweet.) We’ll be hitting Atlanta right at rush hour (how exciting) and staying with my aunt and uncle for about a week. So, it is time to post our monthly travel schedule. As always, if you know  anyone in a city without a name next to it that may be interested in a couple of ramblers sleeping on their couch, hit us up! Also, if you know of awesome things to do in any of the cities below, or if you are in any of the cities and want to grab a cup of coffee, let us know!

February Travel Schedule:

Feb.1-5 | Atlanta, GA (Uncle Gary and Aunt Cherri)

Feb. 5-8 | Chattanooga, TN

Feb. 8-10 | Knoxville, TN (Cayli Clemmons)

Feb. 10-13 | Nashville, TN  (Kate Walker)

Feb. 13-15 | Montgomery, AL

Feb. 15-16 | Biloxi, MS

Feb. 16-20 | New Orleans, LA (The Aymonds)

Feb. 20-22 | Baton Rouge, LA

Feb. 22-24 | Greenville, MS (Sarah LeMay)

Feb. 24-26 | Little Rock, AR

Feb. 26-28 | Tulsa, OK

Whew. That’s a list. It’s weird to say we’ll be starting our month in Georgia and ending it in Oklahoma, seeing 8 states in a month.

Now, here is a sneak peek of a photo shoot I did with the wonderful Marlon Burnett in the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando, FL. More to come soon!

with love and hard rock,




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2 responses to “February Travel Schedule and a Sneak Peek @ the Hard Rock Hotel!

  1. Charlotte

    I recommend stopping by Yee-Haw Industries print shop while in Knoxville. Doesn’t take much time, but they are amazing. http://www.yeehawindustries.com/home.html

  2. Consider Montgomery taken care of.
    243 fox hollow rd. 🙂

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