Unveiled! {My big surprise!!!}

Ok, so, hopefully by this point you have all been waiting at your computer for an entire week for me to put up this big announcement that I’ve been trying my hardest to amp up on here. No? Well, hopefully it’s the reason you’re here today and are at least a little bit curious. I can work with that! So, drum roll please……..drrrrrrrrrr…. (is that even how you type a drum roll? probably.)


It’s no joke folks. The amazing Nick Greene has created something amazing. He and Kyle have been working tirelessly on this thing for months and I’m so happy that it is here! It fits my personality so well and I love that. If you haven’t noticed all of  my backgrounds have been changing lately, it’s because everything officially matches! The blog, the site, and my client proofing area feel so legit right now. : ) Please, please, go check it out and let me know what you think. I’ve been wanting to show people for so stinkin’ long!

Just  click HERE to check it out!

with love and the world wide web,




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2 responses to “Unveiled! {My big surprise!!!}

  1. Tyler J. McCall


  2. YAY!! Awesome new site, girl! Love the “shoebox” and layout of the gallery pages. 🙂

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