Wedding Cakes I LOVE! {Wedding Tip Tuesday}

***Don’t forget to check back on Friday for a BIG announcement!!!***

I’ve been really into wedding cakes ever since I lived next door to this awesome baker in Wilmington. She could make the coolest things and they were delicious! (If you live near Wilmington, check out Alison’s Cakery, she’s rockin.) Then, all these shows on the cooking channels starting popping up, Cake Wars, Cake Challenge (alison was on that!), and Cake Boss. Watching those not only makes me want to eat sweets, but, learn how to bake a cake! It’s been my goal since September to bake a tiered cake from scratch, that and bake a pie (I was able to do that in Dec.). But, one of my favorite parts of wedding planning was choosing what design we wanted for our wedding cake. My sweet mom made ours and I sent her a million pictures to go from and she did a super job sifting through them and coming up with something perfect! So, enjoy these images of cakes that I love, I tried to find a variety of styles to go with whatever your theme may be!

This cake is my favorite one of Alison’s!


I love the combination of cupcakes and a regular cake. (That’s what we had ; )

I’m OBSESSED with this!!! I love how simple and classic it is.

So cool for a night wedding in the city!

So fun and bright! What a great idea to put the fruit in there. I hope one of you uses that! Maybe I’ll do that for my birthday, hint hint husband. : )

I like the two different shaped layers. Way cool, modern and elegant. And we all know I love some damask!

Speaking of damask! How cool is that solid layer of yellow?

We also know how much I love anything with birds on it!

I’d never seen a topsy turvy cake until I met Alison. Now, I think they’re amazing! I love this one and the flower at the top. So artsy!

The pattern on this one is really cool!

with love and happy planning,




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