Top Twenty-Five Portraits of 2010!

I usually try to post first thing in the morning. You can see how well that’s been working this week! As we get closer to leaving for our trip we are getting busier than ever. There’s more to do in every aspect of our lives. So, I’m a bit less eager to jump out of bed and get going at seven like I usually am. I’m also very guilty of taking 2 hours to get ready in the mornings. I don’t even know what I do that takes that much time, but, I do it. Thus the afternoon blog posts!  Today was particularly easy to procrastinate on because I have done a heck ton of portraits this year, a heck ton! Also, I L-O-V-E portraits and I have no idea how I managed to even narrow it down to 25! But, I have and now I’m thinking I should have broken it down into smaller categories. Welp, I hope you don’t get tired of photos anytime soon!

with love and lots of portraits,




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3 responses to “Top Twenty-Five Portraits of 2010!

  1. These are wonderful, Sarajane! You have such a great eye and I love your work with light.

  2. Aaron Wilkinson

    I was reading your blog this morning and thought to myself, “I bet Sarajane wishes people would comment more often.” I mean, how do you know people are reading if they don’t comment, right? So I decided to. You are an amazing photographer. I can’t wait until you stay with us and do a shoot with Abby, Eli and myself. I know they will be wonderful.

  3. I DO wish people would comment more often!!!! Thanks Aaron : ) and Jeremy too! I can’t wait to take pictures of your beautiful family!

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