Things I Like: My top camera picks for every budget!

This ‘Things I like’ post is hopefully going to be helpful to you lovely readers!

I literally answer at least two e-mails/messages a day of people asking me what digital camera they should buy. I figured that for all of the people who are e-mailing me there are countless others wondering but not asking. So, I thought this would be a great way to share with everyone what cameras I would chose if I was planning on spending a certain amount of money. So… here goes!

Most of these are going to be Canon. I am a huge Canon fan. I started out on Nikon but I found the Canon systems made more sense to me. They are far more user friendly and I feel like they are more reliable. However, there’s nothing wrong with Nikon, this is just my experience! Also, you’ll notice that I tend to pick ones that come in cool colors. That’s just ’cause I think they’re pretty!

Less than $100

Canon Powershot A495  | $89.00

10 Megapixels for good print quality | 3.3 optical zoom | takes video | uses an SD card | uses AA batteries

Less than $200

Canon Powershot SD780 IS | $184

12.1 Megapixels | 3x Optical Zoom | Image Stabilization | HD Video | SD Card | Lithium Ion Battery

Less than $300

Canon Powershot SX210 IS | $250

14.1 Megapixels | 14x Optical Zoom | Image Stabilization | HD Video | SD Card | Lithium Ion Battery

Less than $400

** I know that I should pick a Canon camera for this category, but, this Nikon is AWESOME!**

Nikon Coolpix S1100pj | $350.00

14.1 Megapixels | 5x Optical Zoom | HD Video | Macro Setting | Projector! | In Camera Editing | Touch Screen | Best Shot Selector

(Best Shot Selector is a program where the camera takes 10 photos with one click of the shutter, than, it choses which is the sharpest and saves that image.  It also includes a projector, you can take a photo and immediately project it onto the wall.)

Less than $500

Powershot SX10 IS | $497.00

10 Megapixels | 20x Optical Zoom | Image Stabilization | Video | SD Card | AA Batteries

**Now we are getting into the Amateur grade SLR (Single Lens Reflex) Cameras. For the sake of time I will describe it very minimally as a camera that can use interchangeable lenses. You may want to do your own research as to why an SLR is a better option than a point and shoot because I don’t want to take up too much space at the moment. But, the info for these is going to be less and slightly different than the others.***

Canon EOS Digital Rebel  xs | $550.00

10.1 Megapixels | 18-55mm lens | up to 1600 ISO | Very Lightweight

Canon Rebel T2i | $800.00

18 Megapixels | 18-55mm Lens | up to 6400 ISO | Face Detection Technology | HD Video

***Now, we are entering into the professional grade SLR’s! My personal camera is not on here, it’s the older version of the 60D that is featured.***

Canon EOS 60D | $1100.00

18 Megapixels | Does not include lens | Face Detection Technology | up to 6400 ISO | HD Video

****The next is my dream camera! I want this more than anything!!! One day  maybe the Lord will drop one out of the sky for me : )****

Canon EOS 5D Mark II | $2,500

21.1 Megapixel | up to 25,600 ISO | HD Video | Self-Cleaning Censor | Wireless Transmitter | Weather Resistant Design

This is best for shooting weddings because of it’s ability to shoot in low light situations. I’m drooling : )

with love and cameras,




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2 responses to “Things I Like: My top camera picks for every budget!

  1. brenda aymond

    thanks for all the good info. i’m missing all you young folks. hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season. nate and lindsey surprised us with a thanksgiving visit. such a wonderful treat. have a great day.

  2. This is great! I guess I have some saving to do! 😉

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