I knew I wanted…

great and unique packaging for everything that I send out to clients and potential clients. But, I knew I didn’t want to order from a mass-producing corporation. So, we contacted a girl who can do ANYTHING. The lovely Franny Civitano! She sent me the loveliest package with lots of packaging ideas and goodies. It just made my day to see her be so amazingly creative and come up with some really fun ideas. So, as we work on figuring out the details of what we’re going to go with. I think you all should check out the awesome ideas that she came up with! If you need ANYTHING like this, she is so your girl!

The whole kit and caboodle!

A custom frame!

Design theme number one!

Design theme number two!

Design theme number three!

Design theme number four!

Heavy duty CD case option!

Isn’t she fabulous!?!

with love and handmade goodness,



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