Garrett and Leslie are Engaged!

To watch Garrett and Leslie together is like watching a small piece of a romantic comedy. Garrett reaches his hand behind her to lean against the wall saying, “Are your feet tired? Cause you’ve been walking through my mind ALL day long!” As she lowers her head to giggle and hides her bright smile and crinkle of the nose behind her hair. You see THE LOOK. The look that says he is smitten. He loves that smile and the crinkle in her nose. That’s the reason he does what he does. He loves to make her laugh!

As we know with all romantic comedies it doesn’t stop at the laughter. There’s always something more, something deeper. For Garrett and Leslie it is clear that he protects her and she feels safe in his grasp! In between shots he would wrap her up in his arms and it was like no one else was there. Not me, not my sweet helpful husband, not Katie (Garrett’s sister). It was just him holding her and her being held by him.

I couldn’t have been happier to document this sweet couple in love!

Leslie’s bringing out her inner diva!

Gotta love that ring! Garrett didn’t have any help picking it out. I was impressed!

See what I mean! Beautiful!

Gotta love that light!

O yea! Gotta love some funny ones : )

Yea, that’s the moon behind them. We shot well into the night. Well until 8pm. ha.

Thank you Garrett and Leslie for letting me be a part of this process with you. You are such a great couple!

with love and THE LOOK,



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