Edinburgh: Day One

Woke up this morning to James Taylor singing a song that  does not promote someone actually rising from their sleep. Rather, it must be designed to put you into a deeper state of rest. I woke up at 6:35 AM. We were supposed to be at the train station at 6:45 AM to go through customs and check-in for our 7:15 train ride from Paris to Edinburgh. I woke everyone up and we ran and ran from metro station to metro station and into Paris Nord to catch our train to see it roll away in front of our eyes. So sad.  At this point the three of us look like hoodlums drenched in sweat and exhausted from carrying 25 lb packs across paris and up and down flights of stairs.

When we got to the check-in desk to figure out what to do next, he told us that we would have to purchase new tickets all-together. Luckily though he found it in his heart to give them to us for free and we made our train to London. In London we had the same circumstance with check-in, except this guy was a little more tough. He eventually gave us free tickets, but we didn’t have seats on the train.  We spent the entire train ride to Edinburgh trading seats every time the train stopped. Prior to this trip we had accidentally purchased first class tickets. Needless to say, this wasn’t the most relaxing train ride we’ve had so far.

I was not pumped about Scotland at that point. I honestly didn’t want to leave Paris. I loved the people there and the food and the wine. I loved the river and the buildings and the language.

But, tonight we went and got delicious fish and chips from a little take-out shop and watched an amazing street performer and then went to a couple of free comedy shows in a local pub.  Lots of free fun, that’s not been in our itinerary so far. Very refreshing to not spend a million pounds for entertainment.

Looking forward to what’s to come. Can’t believe how much has passed.

with love and fried fish,



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