Rome: Day Four

Italians love to eat. I’m also a fan of good food, especially really healthy fresh food.  Kyle, tyler and I came back from Rome this afternoon to Davide fixing lunch. I watched as he cut up the greens for our salad, cut tomatoes, boiled eggs, cut up fresh mozzarella into wonderfully large chunks, added tuna, fresh basil, sea salt, and olive oil. I topped mine off with some vinegar and had the most amazing salad of my life!

Our funds are small, so we don’t get to eat well often. This felt like a lunch for king’s.  (and queen)  Thank you Davide!

On another note, tomorrow we leave Italy for Zurich, Switzerland. I’m sad to leave here, but eager to move on. I keep feeling as though this trip ends tomorrow, but it’s still only the beginning. Since this is my final post from Italy, here are the things I love about this country so far:

*Instead of asking you what you want to drink they say, ‘would you like wine or beer with your lunch?’

*Coffee here is espresso, and you can get some for only 1 euro and it’s true art to watch them make a latte’.

*People are loud and fun and sexy!  Everyone knows how to relax and just enjoythe pleasurable things in life.

*Everyone in Rome is fabulous! Shiny, tailored, and clean and just absolutely fabulous!

Now, I will go enjoy a romantic date on the Italian coast with my husband of one year today!

Happy anniversary Kyle Justin Case! I couldn’t be happier if I’d designed you myself

; )

with love and a bit of romance,



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